Home Learning Letter – Year 1

Good morning and Happy World Book Day!

Today we will be celebrating books! Even though we’re not all in school we can still have a fun and enjoyable World Book Day!

You will be listening to and sharing lots of lovely stories. Lots of the adults in Year 1 have recorded a story for you to enjoy – you can dip in and out of these during the day – maybe listen to one while you’re having a mid-morning snack and one at lunch. Don’t worry if you don’t get chance to listen to them all today, you can save some for tomorrow!

You will be doing a World Book Day activity for your Teams assignment this morning and will be having fun with poetry. You will listen to some tips from a famous poet. In the afternoon you will listen to another story and hear from a children’s author. You will be creating your own book character!

At the bottom of the page there are some optional extra activities for you to enjoy!

Thursday 4th March 2021

Story links

Here are a list of links to stories some of the Year 1 adults have recorded –

Story 1 Mrs Winch

Story 2 Mrs Boughton

Story 3 Mrs Wilson

Story 4 Mrs Poole

Story 5 Miss Fox

Remember you can watch them any time!

Have a think about these questions – which one was your favourite? Why? What did you like about it? Have you read any of the stories before? Have you read any books by the same authors? What were the illustrations like?

Now choose one of your favourite books and read it with a grown up. If the words are tricky talk through the story using the pictures first 😊. Now find a cosy place to read some books to your teddies or pets – you could make a den and use a torch if you have one!


You will be reading and writing some poetry today. Look on Teams for today’s assignment. Please submit your work by 4.30. Thank you. Please remember to save one of your favourite poems/leaves to bring to school next week.

Book character

This afternoon you will be creating your own book character. Watch children’s author Tom Fletcher talk about his books here.  Now watch Mrs Hicking read one of Tom Fletcher’s books and talk a little bit more about the activity here.  Have fun!

Optional extra activities

Listen to the World Book Day rap and dance along to it – Click here.

Make a beautiful book mark

Retell a well-known story using your toys (small world, lego etc)

Make a non-fiction book about your favourite animal or hobby

Make some card/paper puppets of the characters from a favourite book

Make a mask of a favourite book character

Do some book themed baking

We’d love to see what you’ve been doing – please do email in any photos 😊