Dear Parents / Carers

Hello and here is Tuesday’s home school information.


Today we are going to be learning how to write the days of the week. Click here to watch the days of the week song. Can you sing along?

Watch Mrs Boughton talking about the days of the week here.

Todays task, as explained in the video is to write five sentences about what the Naughty Bus does each weekday.


Try and learn your ‘nk’ words by writing in fancy writing… you could do bubble writing, dotty letters or curly writing!

think     drink   pink    sink   bank   junk


It is phonics with Mrs Hicking today – yippee! Click here to watch her video.


We are moving on today to look at subtraction again. You may find a number line line helpful, you could print it or ask a grown up to draw you one.

Here is the video and here is the worksheet,


At school we use ‘Jigsaw’ a lot for PSHE. They have a nice story on their website about Fowley, called Fowley’s wings. So, find a comfy place, snuggle down and listen to the first part of the story here. Then there are some questions, before the second part. Finally, there is a nice ‘calm’ section at the end. Enjoy!