Good  morning!

Welcome to home schooling for Tuesday 2nd February!


We will start the day with Literacy. Today we are thinking about words that finish in ‘ed’. This PowerPoint talks about ‘ed’ words. After looking at the PowerPoint please watch this little animation of The Way Back Home, click here.

Can you think of some ‘ed’ words that you saw happening in the film? Try and write down as many ‘ed’ words as you can, connected to the film (such as landed, talked, walked, fixed). Make sure you are spelling the ‘ed’ part right – you may want to use some of these ‘ed’ words in your space story next week! Maybe watch the clip twice (it’s under 3 minutes) to make sure you think of as many as you can! You could send us a photo of all your ‘ed’ words.

Please practise your spellings  – you could try typing them on a device! Maybe on your grown ups phone (with their help) light, high, might, fright, bright, tonight.

Read one of your books to a teddy pretending to be a teacher!

Phonics is with Mrs Hicking today – Click on the link here


We will watch this video then here is a worksheet

Traffic Survey

Linked to our topic on transport we want you to try and do a traffic survey! Pick a dry slot in your day when you can go out with a grown up. Find a safe place to stand where you can see some traffic.

You are going to record what you see passing you in a five minute time slot. We are going to use a tally system, Mrs Boughton will explain it here.

You can either print this sheet or just make your own chart to record on.

Remember only go with a grown up and five minutes should be long enough.


Finish the day with a story from Mrs Boughton.