Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning!

Here is home learning for Tuesday. At 1.30pm today 1HB have their Live Chat. Have you got a plant you could bring to show?! We can all enjoy looking at some different houseplants. We can look at the leaves, describe the colour and maybe name them if you are able to! If you don’t have any no worries, we will enjoy saying hello to you! You can also share a little bit of news from your half term break.


We are going to listen to Mrs Boughton reading a different version of The Enormous Turnip here. Todays lesson is all about expressing opinion and using the word because.

Which version do you prefer? Why? Are the pictures nicer in one? Do you prefer the Old Man or the Farmer? Are the animals cuter in one? Which turnip looks better? Which food at the end?

Try to write a super sentence telling us which version you prefer? It might be about the characters, about the pictures, about the ending. It’s your opinion so there is no right or wrong.

Then you can do a lovely picture from your favourite version – try to include all the characters – and of course a VERY big turnip!


Today can you read a book from the Oxford Owls website.


It is phonics with Mrs Hicking today, click here. It is ‘ew’ chew the stew today.


Well done for your practical counting in two’s work yesterday. Today there is a video here and a worksheet here


This afternoon we are learning about a famous artist: Georgia O’Keeffe She is a famous painter from New York in the 1920s. She is called a Modernist painter. Have a look at this website with a grown up.

Her paintings use both abstract and concrete elements.

  • Concrete means that objects can be recognized. eg she painted flowers, rocks, shells, bones and landscapes.
  • Abstract means that there may be colours and forms, but nothing real can be seen in the pictures. Lines in her paintings and drawings are curvy and sinuous, like a winding river. She painted flowers much larger than life

Look at the video clip at the end of the page where children are seeing her paintings at the Tate.

For todays activity look at this PowerPoint and just decide which flower you like best, and why. We are appreciating and discussing art today! No need to copy or try and draw her paintings….we will be doing something along those lines next week! Just try and write a few sentences sharing your opinion.


To end the day here is a story from Mrs Boughton – with a little helper too!