Home Learning Letter Year 1

Good morning everyone!

We hope that your children enjoyed the scavenger hunt yesterday! Here is today’s timetable of activities.


Today you are going to gather your ideas and plan a story that you are going to write tomorrow. Watch Mrs. Poole explain today’s activity


Keep practising: soon moon food gloomy balloon school


Read a book and look at your Bear words.


Phonics with Mrs. Hicking today. We are looking at ‘ur’.


Today you are comparing numbers within 50. Watch the video and complete the worksheet or write your answers in your workbook.

Making a Model

You are going to use your creative skills today and make a model of a vehicle. We would like you to use old boxes, tubes, trays etc (You might need to raid your recycling bin!) or a construction kit if you prefer. If you turn your boxes inside out before you start, then windows can be painted or drawn on with felt tip pens/markers. You can make any vehicle you like. Here are some ideas to get you started! Once you have made your model please write at least one sentence in your workbook to describe it. We would love to see photos of your finished models!


Finish today’s learning with a story read by Mrs. Poole.