Home learning letter – Year 1

Wednesday 20th January

Dear Parents and Carers,

Here is Wednesday’s suggested timetable for learning.


Today you are going to learn about the job of a bus driver. You have some information about a bus driver to read and then answer the questions. You can number the answer to each question in your workbook. Don’t forget to write in complete sentences when answering the questions.


Keep looking at these nk words : think drink pink sink bank junk. You could play this noughts and crosses spelling game with a partner.


Phonics is the ai sound with Rosie today. Remember to wait until 9.30am to access the videos.


Today we are continuing with subtraction. Watch the video and answer the questions on the worksheet or in your book.


Today’s art activity is an activity set within Teams. Please submit your assignment by 5pm today.

Mrs. Toom’s Assembly

Finish the day by listening to Mrs.Tooms assembly.