Wednesday 24th February

Good morning everyone! Here is the timetable for today’s home learning.


Today’s literacy is a Teams assignment. Please submit your completed work by 4.30pm.


Phonics with Rosie. Today’s sound is ire ‘Fire Fire’.


Choose a book from the Oxford Owls Website.


Today you are counting in fives in this video. There is no recorded work, so you can practise counting in fives by playing these two fun games:

Caterpillar sequencing Click on sequencing, counting in multiples, multiples of 5.

Toy Shop  Click on one coin, 5p (Up to 50).

You can finish your maths learning today by joining in with this song.

A Plant Walk

You are going on a little walk today looking at different plants. Watch Mrs. Poole’s video to find out about the activity.


Join in with the song ‘Grow Grow Grow’. This is one of our favourites! You could have fun making up some actions to go with it.


Mrs. Toom’s assembly