Home Learning Letter – Year 1

Good morning everyone,

Happy Wednesday! Only three more days to go! We are so proud of how hard you have worked over the last two months and are really looking forward to seeing you back in school all together again next week 😊.

You have a teams catch up meeting with Mrs Boughton and Mrs Poole this morning at 9 o’clock. You will be doing a scavenger hunt and a fun exercise game!

Here are today’s lessons.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021


Today you will use your story plan from yesterday to write your own magic seed story. Watch Mrs Hicking talk about the activity here. 

Click here  for the writing checklist.


Phonics is with Mrs Hicking again today – you will be revising i-e nice smile. Click here.

Reading and Spellings

Set up a classroom carpet area and read your reading books to your teddies and toys – remember to read expressively to them. When you have read them two books teach them your spellings – blow  snow  throw  tomorrow  followed  shadow. How did they get on?


Start maths today by practising counting in 2s and 5s.

Maths is a practical measuring activity today. Watch and complete the activities on the video. 


Last week in RE you learnt about a miracle that Jesus performed called ‘The big picnic.’ Today you will be learning about another miracle – ‘Jesus calms the storm.’ Watch the short video here. 

Have a think about how the people must have felt in the storm? Do you think they would have been frightened? How would they have felt after Jesus had calmed the storm?

Now either use a double page of your work book or turn your book horizontally and split your page in two. Today we’d like you to make a collage of during the storm and after the storm. You could use pieces of scrap paper or old magazines. You might have some useful bits of collage material in your recycling. Think about how you will create the rough sea and then the calm sea. Don’t forget to include the boat and the people and Jesus. We’d love to see a photo of your work!


Finish the day by watching Mrs Toom talk about World Book Day and share some of her favourite stories. Click here.