WB 25.1.21

Hello Year 2!

We hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Over the course of the next few days we will be uploading some of your instructions from Friday’s literacy lesson.  They were absolutely fantastic – we have had instructions for puppets, lego models, clay pinch pots and even face painting!  It has been delightful reading them.  If you decide to follow any of the instructions (once they are uploaded), please send a photo of your creations to year2@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk and we will try and feature as many as we can on the website.

Today’s work is for Monday, 25th January­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­. When completing tasks, you can either do so electronically (via Microsoft PowerPoint or Word) or by recording work on separate sheets of paper or a notepad.  Here are some reminders for parents and carers this week:


We will be setting two assignments via Teams a week, these tasks must be completed and submitted for feedback on the same day unless specified. Please remember to turn in the work so the Year 2 Team can feedback to your child. If you have any technical issues when using Teams please contact the school office for support.



For today’s Guided Reading the focus in on character.  What makes a good character?  How does a writer bring a character to life?  Listen to Mrs Horton reading George’s Marvellous Medicine, our new text for guided reading and literacy this week.  At the end of the video, Mrs Horton gives you your task for today.  Click on this link for the video.


Mondays continue to be our spelling lesson. Use this powerpoint to teach the rule. There are also spelling activities on the power-point for the children to complete.


An assignment has been added.

In today’s lesson, the children will be working on recognising equal and unequal groups.  It is a practical lesson, so they will need equipment they can use.  We don’t expect you to have cubes and counters at home – dried pasta shapes or crayons will do!  Whatever you can find!  To access the powerpoint, click here.  Further extension tasks can be found here.

If you are struggling to play the videos that feature in today’s powerpoint presentation, we have saved them separately here:

Clip 1

Clip 2


Today’s science lesson continues to explore the theme of what makes us healthy.  Last week’s focus was on exercise.  This week’s focus is on hygiene.  There are three activities to do.  When in school, the activities would take place over a whole afternoon.  In the introduction, Mrs Phillips suggests doing the first two, having a break (as we would in school) and then doing activity three.  It is up to you.  Follow  this powerpoint to find out what you need to do.  Then use the following worksheets to complete the tasks (or record your work on a piece of paper):

Activity One

Activity Two

Activity Three

Have a lovely Monday!

The Year 2 Team