Year 2 Home Learning Information WB 4-5-20

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 2 children,

Below you will find all of the resources that we have referred to in this week’s Home Learning Pack.

Please read the letter first and then open the document ‘4.5.20 Read Me’.


Team Year 2.

Opening Letter Week 3

WK 3 – 4.5.20 Read Me V5

Short Reading Comprehension -Farmyard Babies

Short Reading comprehension-The Little Red Hen

Short Reading comprehension-Turning Milk into Cheese   Daisy and the trouble with…     My favourite book

The Sound Collector PPT


Daily Maths lessons on Bitesize  Addition and Subtraction (linked to White Rose maths)


Tricky NRICH practical challenges to make you think: on the left side of the screen is the problem, how to get started and the solution. Please let us know if you enjoy these tasks and we’ll find some more. Send us some pictures to

Try using lego or building blocks to  help you solve this one

If you don’t have a beanbag try using a rolled up pair of socks. Don’t forget to use your measuring skills to find out how far you can throw. Let us know and we’ll see who is the Year 2 champion! Who is the best in your house?

We suggest you read the getting started first for this one – there is a very important clue for this one.





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