Year 2 Home Learning Wednesday 10th February

WB 8.2.21

Hello Year 2!

Today’s work is for Wednesday, 10th February. When completing tasks, you can either do so electronically (via Microsoft PowerPoint or Word) or by recording work on separate sheets of paper or a notepad.

Use the email to contact the Year 2 Team at any time and we get back to you the next working day.

TEAMS MEETING for 2MH at 2:30pm today with Mrs Marshall

Class 2WP’s meeting on Thursday 11th February at 9:30am with Mrs Phillips



This powerpoint is today’s lesson all about using the rhyming words you found yesterday to write your own rhyming couplet. Mrs Horton has modelled what to do and given some examples and starting points.


Don’t forget to practise this weeks spelling pattern. Try to use the spelling pattern in your everyday writing.


Work through this powerpoint for today’s lesson on the 5 times table. This worksheet is to be completed but you may wish to complete and  keep

this 100 square to help you learn the pattern of the 5 times table.

Clip 1 slide 15

Clip 2

Counting by 5 song

Percy Parker x5

If you require a further challenge complete this worksheet with the missing numbers within the calculation.


Practise your mental maths skills on a regular basis. Your log-in details are on the back of your reading diary.


Watch one of these clips  Video 1  or Video 2 from last week and complete this emotion chart


For this weeks P.E. at home, watch the video #This is PE with a Focus on Striking or if it is nice outside you might prefer Jumping in combination.

These are on You Tube, so please be mindful of safe internet use.

Balloon Blasting  Have 2 different coloured balloons blown up and ready to use.

Jumping in combination You will need rolled up tea towels, ties and socks.


Have a wonderful Monday!

The Year 2 Team

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