Usually, on a Friday, we celebrate the successes of two children in Year 3 who receive a certificate from Mrs Toom. We thought even though not all of us can be together at the moment, it is still really important to recognise the amazing things our lovely Year 3’s are doing either at home or in school if you are a keyworker child. Therefore, we will still be congratulating a child from each class with a certificate that will be given or sent out on a Friday.

This week our 3M star of the week is….. C:)

The 3ST winner certificate is on its way and we don’t want to ruin the surprise so all will be revealed at the start of next week…

And we can now announce that the winner for 3ST is O! Well done!

A HUGE well done to both of these children and each and everyone one of you who are trying your best in every task you are sent. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!

Miss Moore, Mrs Turner and Mrs Seagrave :).