Year 3 Home Learning Friday 12th February 2021

HAPPY FRIDAY YEAR 3! 🙂 We are so pleased with all the work you have completed so far this week. Thank you all so much for the Teams responses and e-mails containing your work and a BIG well done for trying your best in everything you have completed.

Today is the last day of this very unusual half term.  We made it!  Next week please try to switch off from school, rest and relax!!!  Enjoy a good book and read for pleasure, ask your parents if you can count and play with some real money and practise your money skills, have a play on Times Table Rock Stars and above all else do what makes you happy (albeit within lockdown restrictions!)


Here’s the proposed timetable for today:

Before 9 am – wake up, have breakfast and get ready for the day!
9.00 am  Guided Reading task – Microsoft Teams

9.30 am Break

9:45 am PE

10:30 am Take a break and cool down!

10:50 am Maths

11:35 am Read a book of choice/school reading book

11:55 am Lunchtime

1.00 pm Spanish

2.00 pm RE

3.00pm Story time with Mrs Turner

Guided Reading

Use Microsoft Teams to complete the Friday section of your assignment.  Remember to press ‘turn in’ for it to be submitted for feedback. If you’re having difficulty with TEAMs, please email to the usual address.  The chapter and activity are in the links below in both Word and PDF format. Please don’t feel the need to print the worksheets – you can use the information and create your own profile for Hack the Ripper!

Chapter 7 Dinosaur Trouble

Chapter 7 Dinosaur Trouble

Hack the Ripper profile

Hack the Ripper profile


Warm up – Set a 3 minute timer (or you can play this game for as long as you like – as long you’ve increased your heart rate, have started to feel a little out of breath and have even broken a bit of a sweat!) and play the game ‘Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Fish’. Each animal has a different physical action/movement. Cat – curl up and pretend to be asleep, Dog – run around as fast as you can, Rabbit – 2 footed hop around your space, Fish – choose a swim stroke and leisurely swim around. You can be your own boss for this game and decide when you want to swap from 1 action to another. (Feel free to add different animals too – chimpanzee? Sloth? Or even dragon?!)

Main activity – This is our final week on sprinting. Last week we watched the experts (No, not Miss Moore or Mrs Turner!!) at the 2012 London Olympics, showing us exactly how to do it. This week, can you improve on your speed? Remember, sprinting is about a sudden BURST of speed (a bit like a pop corn kernel popping in a pan) so do not worry if you can’t maintain this pace. Short, sharp bursts is what we are after today. Let us know how fast you can run 1 length of your garden/the park.

Cool down – Time to focus on our breathing and get back down to our resting heart rate. Stand on a spot, use your arms to ‘draw’ the arch of a rainbow above your head then hold your arms out in front of you and use your fingers to ‘pitter – patter’ the rain down to the ground -touch the ground with your fingers. Repeat this 5 times, remembering to practice your star breathing (1 long breath in, hold for 5 seconds, 1 long breath out, hold for 5 seconds and repeat 5 times).


Today we are finishing our money unit by looking at giving change.  Whenever we buy something from a shop, we rarely have the correct amount of money to pay, so we give the shop more money.  The shop then has to give us change.  We are going to be using our addition and subtraction skills today to work this out!  Watch the video below then click on the worksheet links below.  There is no need to print out the worksheets – look on screen and write your answers on paper.  The answer link allows you to check and mark your own work.


“Feliz día de San Valentín” = Happy Valentine’s Day

We have completed our Spanish unit for this half term – well done everybody! To celebrate this (and the fact it is very nearly half term!) we are going to spend our Spanish time today creating some Spanish ‘Valentine’s’ inspired craft. The world needs a little bit more love right now and we thought this would be a nice way to share it and let somebody know we are thinking of them.

Today we will use our learning from our Spanish Unit on “La Familia” to create a Valentine’s Day card for someone in our family.  Here are some ideas of different cards you could design and make or feel free to be creative and choose your own design.  Here are the translations for different family members that we looked at in week 1 of this half term. Who will you make your card for?

Feliz día de San Valentín everybody!


Today is the last session in our Unit of ‘Brave people in the Bible’. Last week we learnt about the courageous David. Today, we will use David’s story and apply it to our own lives. How can we learn from David?

Watch Mrs Turner explain today’s task in this clip:

Please send pictures of your ‘motivational/’can do’/positive posters to


Time to unwind with a good book:


We are so proud of each and every one of you, you have all worked so hard and tried your very best in many different ways. A HUGE thank you and a big well done!

We hope that you manage to enjoy some much needed time away from the screens next week and we look forward to hearing about the lovely things that you get up to on our Tuesday TEAMs meeting when we return. We know Mrs Toom has already shared this document in her newsletter but if you are stuck for things to do there really are some wonderful ideas in the document.

Activities Pack for Families_final UPDATED Jan2021

Enjoy, stay safe and keep smiling Year 3 🙂 !

Miss Moore, Mrs Seagrave & Mrs Turner

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