Hello Year 3,

We want to start today’s post by saying a big thank you to so many of you for helping to improve our local environment through litter picking and displayingposters to encourage other to do the same!  If you would like to have a look at your friends getting involved with these tasks, have a look at the albums on our Year 3 page.

Today’s suggested timetable:

Before 9 am – wake up, have breakfast and get ready for the day!

9.00 am 3ST TEAMS Call 3M is at 10.30 am

9.30 am Maths

10.30 Break

10.45 am English

11.30   PE with Joe Wicks / Cosmic Yoga / Just Dance / Go Noodle

Why not have a go at this today? Copy and paste this link


12.00 Lunchtime

12.45 pm Guided Reading

1.00 pm Geography

2.00 pm Personal choice of: Creative play / reading/mindfulness / Lego / Drawing / cooking or crafting / walking / playing outside

New Topic Introduction- 

This half term we will be starting a new geography topic all about volcanoes, mountains and earthquakes. Our new enquiry question is ‘what makes the earth angry?’ In order to get stuck straight in with the first lesson this afternoon, it would be great if you could find time to watch the short video introducing the new topic and what it means to be a geographer.  Enjoy 🙂

Guided Reading

Today, we would like you to simply read for pleasure!  Read, enjoy and disappear into another world for a while or find out some exciting facts of your choice.


Usually, we put aside Thursday for some Times Table Rock Stars time.  This week, we are keen to finish the statistics unit of work.  Feel free to continue to practise your times tables in TTRS in your free time!

Today we look at bar charts. There are 2 videos to watch – then have a go at the worksheets below by clicking on the link.  Please do not feel you have to print, look on screen and write your answers on paper at home.  Use the answers link to mark and check your own work.

Teams meetings- 

3ST- 9:00-9:30am

3M 10:30- 11am 

In today’s lesson, we look forward to seeing/hearing some more lovely show & tells, sharing ideas for our Tin Forest inspired letters and discussing our exciting new geography topic.


Today we get writing our letter to Mr Johnson persuading him to take some more steps to improve our environment, as we saw in the Tin Forest story even small changes can create a huge impact. In the recorded lesson you will be asked to work step by step with Miss Moore to complete the different stages of your persuasive letter one stage at a time. As it is Thursday we would like to see your work, whatever you have managed so we can provide some well-deserved feedback. Please send it to our year 3 e-mail- year3@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk
As explained in the video there are two templates depending on how confident you feel-
Very confident- Letter template
Still a little unsure- Persuasive letter template
We really don’t mind which you use and are excited to read the finished piece! 🙂
Watch the recorded lesson by copy and pasting this link-


This afternoon we start our new topic mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. We are really looking forward to this topic and we hope you are too!
Today’s question that we will be looking at is ‘Where is Mount Everest?’ we ask you to take notes in the lesson and then create a leaflet or poster based on what you have found out about Mount Everest.
In the lesson, we ask you to take some time to look up the location on google earth-
We also share the story of the very first successful ascent in 1953. If you would like to find out more about this after the lesson, we think you might enjoy this clip-

As always, if you have any problems or questions we are only a message away.

Thank you for your continued support and kind messages.

Year 3 Team