Morning Year 3!

We hope you are well. Thank you so much for all the emails, TEAMS returns and feedback we have been getting! You are all clearly working very hard, as are the Keyworker children in school.  Keep it up we are so proud of all of you!  Please do not worry if you don’t get everything completed every day, we know you are all trying your best!

Today’s timetable suggestion is:

Before 9 am – wake up, wash and dress, have breakfast – don’t forget to brush your teeth!

9.00 am Handwriting

Have a look at these joins (look carefully how they join – some join from the top!) and practise them on some lined paper of your own.  Play some calming music whilst you do it.  Put a star next to your neatest and best formed letters!

If you would like to print the handwriting you can use the file below. Please only do the first page for today. We hope you find this a relaxing start to the day.


9.30 am Guided Reading

Use Microsoft Teams to complete today’s section of your assignment.  Remember to press ‘turn in’ for it to be submitted for feedback.

9.50 am Watch Mrs Toom’s assembly for this week – click on the link below!

The Beatles – 11th January 2021

10.00 am Maths

Watch the video then have a go at the questions on the link below.  Please don’t print them out, look at them on screen and write your answers on paper at home.  The answers are posted below.

Tuesday worksheets 

Don’t forget you can challenge yourself with a Gold worksheet or the mastery challenges.

Tuesday Gold worksheet

Gold challenges for maths Mon-Weds

Tuesday answers

10.45 am Take a break

11.00. English

If you didn’t manage to complete the ICT research task yesterday about Mary Anning, take a look at this clip as it will help you to complete this week’s English!

Please watch today’s Literacy lesson by clicking the link below.

11.45 Lunchtime

12.45  Read a book of your choice and enjoy!

1.00 Since we can’t do PE together, here is a link to Premier Sports for a dance based PE session you can do at home.  Mr Facer works with Premier Sports, so you will recognise the uniforms the teachers are wearing!

1.30 pm PSHE – As it is a new year, albeit very different, we thought it would be nice to think ahead to happier times and think back about what we have learnt from 2020.  Watch the powerpoint then have a go at answering the questions on the worksheet.  You don’t need to print it out – just write your ideas on paper at home.  You could maybe keep this somewhere safe in your bedroom / stick it to your wall to remind you of your goals for this year!


New years resoluton pshe sheet

As always, we are here to help.  Don’t hesitate to contact us no matter how small the issue / query is.  Mrs Seagrave, Mrs Turner or Miss Moore may reply – not necessarily your class teacher.  However, we will answer all emails usually on the same day – sometimes within minutes if you are lucky!

Take care you are doing so well!

Year 3 Team