Good Morning Year 3!

How are you?  A huge thank you for all the messages, work and incfedible photos you have been sending us! It is fantastic to stay as connected as possible during these strange times!  We are so impressed with how you have adapted to a new way of learning and we hope to be back teaching you in the ‘normal’ way very soon!  Keeping motivated and completing tasks is always a challenge.  Try your best to do as much as you can.  As long as you try your best we can’t ask for anything else!

As always, remember, we are here for you should you need anything just send us an email at

Today’s suggested learning timetable:

Before 9 am – Breakfast and dressed ready for the day!

9.00a.m. Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga, Just Dance or Go Noodle.

This Go noodle dance may help you feel better about the day ahead!

9.30 am Guided Reading

9.50 am Take a break

10.00 am Maths

10.45 am Take a break

11.00 English

11.45 am Watch Mrs Toom’s assembly

12.00 Take a break for lunch

12.45 pm Do some quiet reading for pleasure.

1.00 pm P.E.

1.30 pm PSHE

2.00 pm Personal choice of: Creative play / reading/mindfulness / Lego / Drawing / cooking or crafting / walking / playing outside

Guided Reading

Each week, we will set the Guided Reading tasks on TEAMS and would really like you to send your responses to it in this way.  However, if you struggle to access the resources we will insert them into the webpage each day too.  Even if you access the materials here, where possible, please submit your answers via TEAMs. If all else fails email your work to:


This week’s questions:

WCGR week 3

This weeks pages:

Chapter 3- Dinosaur Trouble


Watch a different video about multiplying a one digit number by a 2 digit number. The worksheets are in the  links below the video. Please do not feel you have to print them out – have them onscreen and write your answers on paper at home.  As usual, you be the teacher and mark your own work seeing where you can improve!

Tuesday sheets

Tuesday Gold

Tuesday answers


Today’s literacy lesson we will begin talking about the FANTASTICs and using our senses to make our writing even more exciting and engaging. Please watch the video below to find out today’s tasks -very sorry you will have to skip past Monday’s lesson,  today’s begins at 8min 22 seconds.

Worksheet if you would like to print it:

Iron Man fantastics

Mrs Toom’s assembly

This weeks assembly is all about inspiring people. We know Mrs Toom would love to see who inspires you, if you would like to share your thoughts with Mrs Toom please e-mail your responses to-


Have a go at a workout from Premier Sports, who Mr Facer works for.  If you have time, you could always practise some of your challenges you set yourself in Mrs Turner’s PE session, or practise sprinting from Miss Moore.


Last week we looked at making New Year’s Resolutions, and goals for this year. Click on the PowerPoint below and read the slides, then have a go at making your own recipe for success. There is no need to print out a sheet we have just attached them as a template (unless you would like to)- design and decorate your own.  You could then keep it with your new year’s resolutions to remind you to think positively and stay on track!

Aspiration dreams and goals

Dream jar

A Recipe for Success

Have a lovely day – you are all doing an amazing job and we are so proud of you all!

Year 3 Team