Hi everybody,

How are you all?  Well, here we are, the final day before the half-term break.  We are so very proud of your enthusiasm and effort over the last six weeks.  It has been so impressive to see the high quality of work you have sent in. You really are a wonder 😉.

5H, you have a Teams meeting today at 2:30pm with Miss Healey.  Do you have something ready to show everyone and tell the class about?  It is up to you what you ‘Show and Tell’.  It could be a piece of work, a pet, a drawing, a game you like to play or anything you think is suitable to share with everyone.

Here are your lessons and tasks for today:


Watch Mrs Mitchell reading the grand finale of Wonder.  You might need a tissue – it’s emotional.

Guided Reading

Well done for completing your Guided Reading about Galileo Galilei.  Here are the answers for you to check your own answers. (Here is the pdf version).  If your answer doesn’t match, have a think about how you could have improved it.  Check back in the text and see if it now makes better sense.


It’s spelling day!  Today is a little different because there are ten ‘Challenge Words’.  Here is the PowerPoint that will take you through the words. The ‘Challenge Words’ do not follow a particular pattern or rule.  This could make them trickier to learn but, keep practicing using the ideas suggested and use ‘Spelling Shed’ too.


Today, we would like you to submit your Maths work via Teams. However, you don’t really need to log in to Teams until you are ready to submit your answers. Here are your instructions for the lesson:

Your pre-load today is a little longer than usual! Please ‘warm up’ your brain by spending ten minutes on Times Tables Rockstars (or another multiplication game) and then spend 10 minutes playing on a ‘division facts’ game of your choice. You could use the websites suggested last week (website one link, website two link) if you enjoyed the games on them. Then, you can move straight on to your task today. We would like you to have a go at the questions on this end of unit check, please. It would be great if you could have a go on your own today, so that we can see which areas of multiplication and division you have understood really well and which, if any, we need to spend a little more time on when we are all back at school together. Once you have completed the questions, please login to Teams and submit your answers, using the ‘Microsoft Form’ that is attached to your assignment. If, for any reason, you are unable to access Teams, you can fill in your ‘Form’ to share your answers by clicking on this link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=XWbxoggSYkKv3ND7MkkAsq05mrMMRo9Ivh4ynfbEMG9UNU5RN1Y1TElDSkRINVgxWlRDR1pLWUgwVi4u if your are in 5H and this link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=XWbxoggSYkKv3ND7MkkAsl85SFjjN_FGt-tBB9VYskxUNUQxUk9FUFhEMU1JVDEyNDVPTk5LNFFaUi4u if you are in 5DM. It is important that you answer the questions before logging in to submit your answers, as you will need to do some working out on paper. You might get an ‘instant score’ for some of your answers, but there are a couple of questions that we need to look at, so you don’t need to look at the scores that the Form gives you, until we have ‘returned’ it to you through your Teams assignment.


What will you learn today as part of our ‘Fabulous Forces’ theme?  Click here for the video.  If you have some plasticine, playdough or bluetac it would be a good idea to find it before you watch the lesson.  You only need a little bit.  If you haven’t got any, please don’t worry. Watch the video as there is still plenty to learn about.

Timestables Rockstars

Keep up the good work with TTRS.  How many coins will you earn over the half-term break?

Something to try over half-term?

Take a look at the this video.  It is related to our Science work from this week and is inspired by the work of Rube Goldberg.  Have you heard of him?  Watch the video to find out more.  Can you create you own Rube Goldberg inspired series of gadgets?  If you do, please send us photos or videos of it after the half-term break.

Have a lovely week!

Once again, well done to you all for such wonderful effort over the last six weeks.  It has been heartwarming to see just how well you have engaged with the tasks we have set. You have plenty to be proud out and thoroughly deserve a well-earned break.  Here’s couple of messages, from your classmates, to reflect upon and to spread a little happiness. Take a look at  this guide to happiness  and these Happy Quotes’.  We hope they bring a smile to your face.

Have a lovely week with your family at home.  We’ll be back with new activities and challenges after the half-term holiday.

With lots of good wishes to you and your families

Mrs Mitchell & Miss Healey