Good morning, 

Firstly ‘Happy Friday’! Well done for completing all of your tasks this week, we have really enjoyed seeing lots of your work and can tell that you are working hard at home. We’re really proud of you all. Keep it up, superstars! 🌟

Below you will find your lessons and activities for today.

Have a great weekend, keep smiling and having fun!

Miss Healey and Mrs Mitchell


Click here to watch Mrs Mitchell reading some more of Wonder -we will finish ‘part one’ together today!

Guided Reading

Please click here to access your guided reading task.


Today’s Literacy lesson is a spelling lesson. Please use this PowerPoint to learn your new spellings and then use some of the techniques that you learnt with Mrs Mitchell last Friday to practise your spellings.


Today is your last lesson on area. Please click here for your video lesson. Here is the the worksheet you will need and here is the answer sheet. Today, you will be using squares to help you calculate area again. If you don’t have a printer at home, please don’t worry! You will be able to view most of the questions on the screen but you might like to draw some grids with a ruler for question 3.


Today in art, you are going to do some painting. If you have paints at home, grab these (and a palette and a paintbrush), a pencil, ruler, some plain paper, a pen and a plate (!) before you start. If you don’t have any paints at home, please don’t worry. Using colouring pens or pencils will be fine too 😊. Here is the PowerPoint to use. There’s a video within the PowerPoint, if the link for this doesn’t work, please use this link. We would also like you to show us your work today by taking a picture of it and emailing it to us on

Have a fabulous weekend 😊