We are coming to the end of this week’s home learning. We hope you have enjoyed our start to learning about Ancient Greece and Greek myths. We have been so impressed with the work that has been sent in. You should be very proud of your superb efforts. Well done 😊.

Class Meetings

We have our class Teams meetings today. Remember to have your book ready to talk about. Tell the title of the book, the author, why you like and why you’d recommend it. It can also be a book that you have downloaded onto a device. Please share whatever you have enjoyed.

5DM – Teams meeting at 9:30am 5H – Teams meeting at 11:00am

Here are your lessons and tasks for today:

Who Let The Gods Out?

Click here to watch Mrs Mitchell reading the next part of the book.

Guided Reading

It’s time to link what you’ve learnt about the zodiac signs this week back to the text. Today’s task is all about Virgo… Click here for the text and activity and here for the pdf version.


Today we are learning spellings that end with ‘ant’. Please click here for the PowerPoint that will guide you through. Remember to have a go at the Spelling Shed games too.


Today you continue to explore fractions. Please click here for today’s video lesson. Click here for the worksheet and here for the pdf version.

When you have completed your work, check the answers using the Maths answer sheet. Here is the pdf version.


Today we are considering the question ‘What do artefacts tell us about Ancient Greek legacy?’ Click here for the video lesson. Click here for the word version of the worksheet and here is the pdf version. As always, you do not need to print these. Please just use them to look carefully at the pictures of the artefacts and write down your answers and comments on a separate piece of paper.


We are moving onto to another musical genre. Get ready to listen to some Jazz! There is also a familiar warm-up for you to join in with at the beginning. Please click here for the video lesson. Have a pen and paper at the ready. There are three pieces music in a Jazz style to listen to today.

Remember to stay active

Have you had a go at the P.E. tasks from the link earlier in the week? How else have you been staying active. It’s definitely a bit warmer outside How have you been staying active this week? Have you managed to get out for a walk or play in your garden. How are you doing with your P.E. tasks?

Times Tables Rockstars

Remember to logon to TTRS so that you can keep earning coins.


Spend some time today enjoying the book that you are reading at the moment. We are looking forward to hearing about a favourite book in our Teams meetings later.

Have a great day and lovely weekend! 😊

Mrs Mitchell and Miss Healey