Good morning everybody 😊

We hope you are all ok and that you had a nice weekend. Wasn’t it lovely to have a bit of sunshine? We hope you enjoyed lots of time outside getting some fresh air.

Here are your lessons and activities for today:

Mrs Toom’s Assembly:

Please click here to watch Mrs Toom’s assembly this week. It’s all about World Book Day, which is on Thursday.

Who Let The Gods Out?

Are you enjoying our new year group book? We hope so! Click here to watch Mrs Mitchell reading the next chapter.

Guided Reading:

Please click here for today’s guided reading task (PDF version).


Today, you will explore another Greek myth. Click here for your video lesson. We will continue to use this myth within our Literacy lessons over the next couple of weeks and, today, your task is to create a storyboard. Please make sure that you have some paper, a pen (to write with), a pencil (to draw with) and some colouring pencils (if you have some at home) ready before you start your lesson. If you would prefer to use the worksheet, please click here to download it (PDF version). We would like you to bring this piece of work to school with you next Monday please, so that you can use it to support you in future lessons.


Today, we would like you to continue to explore equivalent fractions. Here are the questions that we would like you to have a go at (PDF version). Make sure that you use the worksheet to answer the questions first and then, once you have worked out your answers, please login to Teams to find the Form that you need to use to share them with us. Remember, you need to wait until we have returned your work to you on Teams, before you see which questions you have answered correctly. Sometimes, there are questions that the Form can’t automatically detect, so please wait for us to have a look and then check your feedback.

If you did not finish the questions on equivalent fractions from Friday’s lesson, you could also go back to them today, to have a go at answering the problem-solving questions. You could also watch Friday’s video again, if you wanted to, to remind yourself about how to calculate equivalent fractions. Here’s the link for Friday’s video.


Mrs Trick is leading your Spanish lesson again today. You will continue to explore your new topic, ‘La Ropa’. Please click here for your video lesson and click here for your worksheet. Here are the answers, so that you can check your work once you have finished.


Continue to use the PE document that you started to explore last week. Can you complete another of the challenges? If you have completed all of the challenges, could you pick another document to use in PE lessons this week? Here is the link to the different PE documents.

Greek Gods and Goddesses Bingo:

During tomorrow’s Teams meetings, we thought we could play ‘Greek Gods Bingo’! So that you are prepared for the game, please use this worksheet to design your own bingo board before our Teams meetings tomorrow 😊.

Times Tables Rockstars:

We bet you’ve got enough coins to treat your Rockstar to a cool new accessory now… Can you earn a even more coins to today?

Daily Reading:

We really enjoyed hearing all of your book reviews on our Teams meetings last week. Make sure you get some time to enjoy reading today.

Have a great day, we are both looking forward to seeing you on your Teams meetings tomorrow for our bingo games! 5DM, your meeting is at 9 o’clock and 5H, yours is at 9:30.

Remember, if you would like to share any of your work with us today, you can email it to We’d love to see it!

Miss Healey and Mrs Mitchell