Hello Year 5 😊

How are you? We hope you had a lovely half term. We are excited as today we have a brand new year group book to start sharing with you all -we hope that you will enjoy it as much as you enjoyed Wonder last half term. It’s a funny one, which will hopefully make you giggle! There are lots of different characters within the story, but we hope that this week’s guided reading and your Literacy lessons will help you to picture the characters a little easier. Are you looking forward to hearing the first few chapters? We hope so!

Here are your lessons and tasks for today:

Mrs Toom’s Assembly

Click here to watch Mrs Toom’s assembly about Chinese New Year

New Year Group Book!

Click here to watch Miss Healey begin our new story. See if you can guess what (or who) our new history topic is going to be about this half term!

Guided Reading

This week, our guided reading text will focus on the ‘zodiac signs’. Tomorrow, in our new year group book, you will meet the zodiac signs as characters, so today’s task to learn a little bit about each of the signs and to match them to some picture representatives. Please read through this text (PDF version). Then, fill in this ‘Form’ (https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=XWbxoggSYkKv3ND7MkkAsq05mrMMRo9Ivh4ynfbEMG9UOUZXOVM3R0ozRUdJVVBPWEJMNktMUDAwRi4u) and have a go at matching each picture to the zodiac sign that it represents. You will need to use what you have read in the text to help you.


Did our new year group book give you a clue about our history topic for this half term? Your Literacy lessons will be also link to our history topic, so see if your predictions are correct as you watch today’s video lesson. Within the lesson, you are going to be asked to answer some questions. You could pause the video at this point and write down your answers onto some paper, or, if would prefer to, you can download the text and questions here (PDF version).


Today, we will start to explore a new topic in Maths. Your lesson today is all about exploring what that topic might be. Click here for your video lesson (please make sure you have a pencil and paper ready). Here is the worksheet (PDF version) that you will need after watching the video and here is the answer sheet (PDF version) so that you can check your answers once you have finished.


Mrs Trick is leading your Spanish lesson today. You are going to start a new topic, click here for your video lesson. When you are asked to write down the different Spanish words, you could write them down on a piece of paper, but if you would like to use the worksheets, here is worksheet 1 and here is worksheet 2. Here is a crossword challenge for you to have a go at too! Here are the answers to use once you have finished.


This half term, we would like to offer you more choice in PE! We would like you to choose from one of the ‘Notts School Games’ documents (like the netball one that we focused on last half term) and to follow it over the next couple of Mondays, when you see PE on our daily timetable, to develop new skills in an area of your choice. You could pick to focus on one of the documents that you haven’t explored before, or you could pick a favourite that you remember from last year, when they were first published on the website. You can find the documents on the ‘Sporting News’ page of the website, in a post called ‘Weekly PE skills, physical activity and competitions’, or click on this link to be taken directly to the page.

Daily Reading

Which book are you reading at the moment? Spend some time today to enjoy reading a book of your choice.


Have a lovely day! Remember, if you want to share anything with us, we’d love to hear from you and you can email us on year5@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk

Miss Healey and Mrs Mitchell 😊