Good morning, 

We hope that you are all having a good week. Below you will find your activities for today. We have set your Literacy task as a Teams assignment today, so please make sure that you send us your published information text, we are excited to see and read them! Remember, if you are having difficulty accessing Teams, you can always email us your work to

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Mitchell and Miss Healey


Click here to watch Miss Healey read some more of our year group book.

Guided Reading

Please click here to access your guided reading task for today


This is a Teams assignment. Please login to Microsoft Teams to find the lesson resources and submit your work. If you are having difficulty accessing the lesson video, please click here to watch it and then log back into Teams to send either a photograph of your work if you handwrite it, or to attach it as a file if you publish using the computer.


Today you will continue to calculate the area of compound shapes. Please click here to watch your video lesson. Here is the worksheet you will need and here is the answer sheet for when you are ready to mark your work.


In Spanish today, we would like you to begin by having a go at this missing letter activity. See if you can remember how to write down each of the planet names that you learnt last week. To check your answers and revise your pronunciation, please watch (and sing along to!) this video. Then, have a go at this crossword. See if you can write the Spanish words into the correct places, using the word bank to help you. Here is the answer sheet, so you can see how you’ve done!


At school this half term, we would have been doing Netball in PE. So, we would like you to use this document over the next few weeks to learn more about the sport and to develop some skills! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a netball at home, you could adapt the activities and games to be completed with any ball that you do have. Try to pick a couple of active tasks to have a go at each week, as well as learning more about netball by completing some of the quizzes/bingo games/word searches included within the document.

Enjoy! 😊