Good morning everybody

We hope that you are all ok and that you’ve had a nice start to your week. Here are your tasks and activities for today:

Teams Meetings

5DM – Your meeting is a 9o’clock

5H – Your meeting is at 9:30 

Please make sure you have your Greek Gods / Goddesses bingo card ready!

Who Let The Gods Out?

Click here to watch Miss Healey read the next chapter of our year group book.

Guided Reading

Please click here for your guided reading task today (PDF version). It might be a good idea to watch Miss Healey reading before you do guided reading today, but you don’t have to. You have a copy of the text that you will need to read within the guided reading document.


In Literacy today, you will consider how you can use your voice to create different effects, whilst telling stories! You will continue to explore Theseus and the Minotaur, our focus myth. Please click here for your video lesson.


Today, in maths, we will continue to explore fractions. Click here for your video lesson. Here is the worksheet (PDF version).

Here is the answer Sheet to use once you have finished (PDF version).


Mrs Trick is leading your PSHE lesson today. You will continue to explore your ‘Dreams and Goals’ topic. Please click here for your video lesson.


For today’s ICT task, we would like you to use this website: storyboardthat to design a storyboard for Theseus and the Minotaur. Please click here to watch a video, that will help you to use the website.

Stay Active

How will you stay active today? Make sure you get some fresh air and that you keep your body moving, so that you can stay fit and healthy.

Daily Reading

Are you looking forward to ‘World Book Day’? We hope so! Keep enjoying your wonderful books.


Keep earning those coins, rockstars!

Have a great day. Remember, if you would like to share anything with us today, you can email it to

Miss Healey and Mrs Mitchell 😊