Dear Parents and Children

We hope that you are all staying safe and well, have been able to enjoy the sunshine again this week and the VE day celebrations in some way.

Hopefully everything you need for next week is below.

Letter to Y5 Parents WC. 11.05.20

Letter To Year 5 Children W.C 11.05.20(1)

1 Literacy – Grid 11.05.2020

2 Literacy – Plan Write Publish

3 Literacy – SPaG task (including answers)

4 LIteracy – Spellings – ie words following a c

6 Journey to the River Sea – Comprehension


Design Your Own Flag

First Impressions of Brazil


La Ropa – Me Pongo At School

La Ropa – Me Pongo Nice Weather


Other Curriculum Areas Grid W.C 11.05.20

South America Map Reading Activity

The World’s Continents

And finally, we have a little challenge for you…