Good morning everybody, 

How are you today? We hope that you’re all ok. Thank you to those of you who submitted your music work through Teams yesterday, we have been so impressed with the music that we have listened to so far! If you haven’t submitted your work yet (or sent it to us at if Teams isn’t working), please make sure that you do as soon as it is finished.

Here are your lessons and activities for the day:


Click here to watch Miss Healey read a few more chapters of Wonder.

Guided Reading

Please click here for your guided reading task. This task is for both today and tomorrow. Please complete questions 1-5 today and then 6-10 tomorrow. On Friday, we will publish the answer sheet so that you can check your answers and have another look at any questions that you need to. If you find it easier to access PDF documents, here is a PDF version.


You will continue to explore division today. Please click here for the video. When you are ready to, please click here for your worksheet. Here are the answers but please don’t use these until you are ready to check your work. If you prefer to access PDFs, here is the worksheet and here is the answer sheet. In today’s video, you will hear Miss Healey mention an extra challenge that you could have a go at today or tomorrow, if you get time. Please click here to access it (PDF version).


Today, your science lesson is all about forces. Please click here for your video lesson, which will explain everything about the task.  There is a spinning helicopter to make.  You can create your own but here is the T-HE-372-Paper-Helicopter-Basic-Template if you need it.


Please click here for your video lesson. Today, to begin with, you will learn a little more about the Bible. Then, you will consider some guidelines that could help people to live a happy life and think of a few for yourself. Perhaps you could reflect on wellbeing here, thinking back to Mrs Toom’s assembly on Monday. What tips or guidelines would you recommend people followed to live a good and happy life?

Times Tables Rockstars 

Keep earning those coins, rockstars!


Please continue to play on EdShed to practice your spelling rule.

Staying Active 

How will you stay active today? Keep trying to get some fresh air, you can wrap up warm if it’s a bit cold!

Remember, if you would like to share anything with us today, you can email it to

Have a lovely day,

Miss Healey and Mrs Mitchell😊