Good morning,

Thank you to everyone who has submitted work to us through Teams and emailed.  It was great to see so many carefully drawn solar systems that explained how planets move in a fixed orbit around the Sun.  Keep up the great work; you are all doing so well.

Below you find everything that you need for today, Wednesday 13th January.


Miss Healey and Mrs Mitchell

Mrs Toom’s assembly

Please click here to watch Mrs Toom’s assembly about ‘The  Beatles’.


Wonder (Class book)

Click here   to watch Miss Healey reading the next few chapters of Wonder.

Guided Reading

Please click here to download your Guided Reading task for today about the chapter ‘Locks’.

Times Table Rockstars

Have you remembered to play 10 minutes of TTRS each day?  Have you challenged a friend yet?  We are wondering how many coins you will manage to earn each day.


In today’s lesson, you will need your grouped facts about your chosen planet (from yesterday’s lesson), so make sure you have these in front of you before you start.  You will also need some paper to handwrite your information text about your chosen planet.  Click here for the video lesson that you need.


Please click here to watch today’s video lesson.  Today, we will be learning about the area of compound shapes. The instructions for your task, today, are included in the video.  You will need paper, a pencil, a ruler and some scissors to work on your task.


Today, we will look at the story of Joseph from the Old Testament.  Details about your task are included into the video.  Click here for the story video which also has details of the task you will do.  Time to get imaginative!

Spelling Shed (through EdShed)

Please continue to learn the spellings/spelling rule that you focused on in Literacy last Friday by playing games on the EdShed website for 10 minutes each day.  As well as playing the games on Spelling Shed, there are lots of other ways to learn your spellings therefore, please also use the way you learn best.

Daily Reading

Spend some time reading your independent reading book for at least 10 minutes each day – it can be more!  Let us know if you’re reading a great book and we can then share your recommendations.

Try to take part in some physical activity today – perhaps in your garden or maybe you’ve already had a try at the new Joe Wicks workouts.

Have a lovely day 😊