Good Morning

Thank you to everyone who has ‘turned in’ their Literacy and Music work.  Remember to check the feedback we have given you.  If you cannot upload to Teams, please send your work to our email at, along with any other work you are feeling proud of and would like to share.

Below you will find your activities and lessons for today.

Have a good day.


Mrs Mitchell and Miss Healey 😊


Click here to watch Miss Healey reading the next instalment of Wonder.

Guided Reading

Please click here to find your guided reading task for today.


Today you will be writing your information text about your newly discovered planet.  Please click here for the video lesson which will guide you with how to begin your writing and what to include.  You need to have your work about your new planet discovery with you, including your plan from yesterday.  Have a pen and paper at the ready.


You are continuing your work with our Multiplication and Division unit. Click here for today’s video where Miss Healey will take you through today’s lesson. You also need to click here for the Maths Worksheet and click here for the answer sheet  (Use this later to check your answers – no peeking!)


Today you will be finding out a bit more about the Old Testament and New Testament from the Bible.  Please click here for your lesson.  The activity is explained in the video.  You just need paper, a pencil and perhaps some colouring pencils or pens.

Spelling Shed (through EdShed)

Please continue to learn the spellings/spelling rule that you focused on in Literacy last Friday (words with -cious) by playing games on the EdShed website for 10 minutes each day.

Daily Reading

Thank you to everyone who has told us about a great book they are reading.  Keep the recommendations coming in and remember to aim to read for at least 10 minutes each day.

Times Tables Rockstars

Have a lovely day. We’re looking forward to receiving your work during the week.😊