Good morning, 

We hope you are all okay.  We’re hoping for a little bit of sunshine today so hopefully you’ll be able to get some fresh air.  Thank you for your turned in work for the Greek Myths.  We can see that lots of you have a good understanding of the features of Greek Myths.  If you haven’t been able to turn your work in yet, there is still time to do this.

Here are your lessons and tasks for today:

Who Let The Gods Out?

Click here to watch the next part of the book.

Guided Reading

Today, you will have a go at answering some inference questions. Remember, when you are inferring, you must use what you already know (from the text) to provide reasons for the comments that you make or answers that you give. It’s about being a detective and looking for clues within the text that help you to give a sensible answer. Click here for the text and activity and here for the pdf version.


Today we will be learning about a new myth.  What will be it be today?  Here’s the link to your video lesson. You will need some paper available to draw an ‘Audience/Purpose’ grid. The video will then guide you with what you need to do.  Within the video there are some extracts from today’s myth that you definitely need to read to complete the task.  The full version of this is here (word version) and here (pdf version) , but only if you would like to read it. It is quite long so it’s up to you.


Today you will continue with converting between mixed and  improper fractions.  Watch Miss Healey’s video where she will guide you with how to do this. Click here for the worksheet and here for the pdf version..

When you have completed your work, check the answers using the Maths answer sheet.  Here is the pdf version.


Today we would like you to submit your History work through teams.  If you can’t submit your work via Teams, please send it to our email address.  If cannot see the video lesson on Teams it is here.

Here is the copy of the ‘Knowledge Organiser.  Here are the links you will need for your research.  Here is a the slide  from the video that explains the task.

Remember to stay active

How have you been staying active this week?  Have you managed to get out for a walk or play in your garden.  How are you doing with your P.E. tasks?

Times Tables Rockstars

Remember to logon to TTRS so that you can keep earning those coins.

Spelling Shed (via EdShed)

Spelling shed still has the last spellings we looked at.  These were the words that did not follow a particular rule or pattern. Have a try at some games to help you learn these.

Daily Reading

Spend some time today enjoying the book that you are reading at the moment.  Perhaps you could choose the book that you will talk about during the next Teams meeting.

Have a great day.

Mrs Mitchell and Miss Healey