World Book Day!

Good morning everybody,

Today, all of our activities are linked to World Book Day. We hope that you will enjoy a day of celebrating books! Make sure that you get plenty of time to enjoy reading as well as completing your tasks today. Those of you who shared book reviews in last week’s Teams meetings sounded like you were really enjoying the book that you’re reading at the moment, which was lovely to hear.

We have set a Teams assignment today, which asks you to share a piece of work (of your choice) with us. When you login to Teams, you will notice that we haven’t asked for this to be submitted until tomorrow afternoon. This is because we would like you to take your time with the tasks today. Tomorrow afternoon will also be available for you to complete the ‘creative’ tasks that you will start this afternoon. We are hoping that this will give you plenty of time to produce high-quality work that you are proud of 😊.

Here are the video links that will explain each of your World Book Day tasks:

Who Let The Gods Out?

Start your day by listening to Miss Healey reading the next chapter of our year group book. Click here for the video.

Guided Reading:

How well we understand a text has an impact on how much we are able to enjoy it. Today you will practice your ‘retrieval’ skills in guided reading. Please click here for your task (PDF version)

Write A Letter To Your Favourite Author:

Without authors, we wouldn’t have a ‘favourite book’! Show your appreciation by writing a letter to your favourite author today. Please click here to watch a video of Mrs Mitchell explaining more about your task.

What Advice Would You Give To Your Favourite Character?

Your next task is to consider what advice you would give to a character at different points throughout a story. Click here to watch Miss Healey explain a little bit more about this task.


We know that lots of you enjoy non-fiction books as well as fictional stories. If you were going to write a non-fiction book, what would it be about? Mrs Mitchell will tell you more about this task when you click here.

Get Creative!

Now, we would like you to celebrate a book or a character in a creative way! We think that this is the activity which might last you this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. Click here to watch a video of Miss Healey sharing some creative projects that you could choose to have a go at! It might be that you pick one project to get stuck into today and tomorrow afternoon, or, you might pick some that are a little bit shorter and complete one today and a different one tomorrow. Of course, if you have a different idea about how you’d like to celebrate a book or character creatively, that’s absolutely fine! The ideas shared on the video are just some suggestions to get you thinking… We know that you are wonderfully creative and we can’t wait to see what you produce 😊.

Please remember to upload a piece of work that you are particularly proud of onto your Teams assignment and to submit this tomorrow. If you would like to share anything else with us today, you can always email us using the email address.

Have a wonderful day everybody!

Miss Healey and Mrs Mitchell 😊