Hello everyone

Well done for settling in to the new half-term.  It has been another busy week with some assessments and the launch of our new Science topic ‘Living things and their Habitats’.

Please click here this half-term’s ‘Learning Letter’.


Spellings – Here is the PowerPoint that we looked at today and shows your spellings for this week. There are also games on ‘Spelling Shed’ for you to play.

Homework – We have assigned some quizzes for you to do this week.  You just need to login to Spelling Shed, in the usual way.  Please try the quizzes that are all about modal verbs.  There is also a quiz about word classes for you to try too.  We haven’t tried using quizzes before, so we will keep checking on Spelling Shed to see how you are getting on.

Have a lovely weekend 🌞😎