Hello everyone

Well done for another great week in school.  We’ve been very busy writing some very exciting Greek Myths and have been finding out more about Ancient Greece in our History lessons.  We are also very impressed with your fractions work, during Maths, this week.  You are doing such a great job!

This week’s homework is as follows:


This week we have looked at words with the suffix ‘ent’ and ‘ence’.  Here is the PowerPoint for a reminder. for a reminder.  Aim to practice spelling the words for a few minutes each day.  You can also logon to ‘Spelling Shed’ to help you learn them.  Be ready for a spelling test, in school, on Thursday.


You will need to visit ‘Teams’ for all your instructions for this week’s homework.  You will be researching one of the Ancient Greeks listed within the description of the assignment and can present your research in any way you like.  You have until Thursday 1st April to ‘turn in’ your assignment so we are looking for you to do a great job.  It would be a good idea to get started with reading all about your Ancient Greek person.  Then decide how you will present your findings.  If you are unsure of anything, please ask us in school next week.

Have a good weekend 😊.