Hello everyone

Here are the details of this week’s homework tasks.


We have looked at our new set of spellings today and have been matching the beginnings and endings of each word.  Everyone has also had a first try at writing the words on the spelling chart.  Each of the children has a copy of the spelling start to practice their words.  You could use any piece of paper or any other method of learning spellings that works well for you.  The spelling sheet within the PowerPoint shown below, just in case you would like a new one.  It is important to aim to practice your words, each day if you can.  This can help embed them in your memory. There are also games to play, with this week’s words, on Spelling Shed.


This week’s homework is think about each of our spellings in greater detail with two additional tasks. Everyone has a paper version of the tasks but this is also attached within the PowerPoint. Task 1 is to look up each word in a dictionary, on-line dictionary or ask their parent to be dictionary.  Then you need to  write the definition of each word on the sheet.  Task 2 is to choose five of your words.  Then, write a sentence for each word.  There is sheet for this which everyone was given today.  It is also on the PowerPoint.  Please bring your work into school by Wednesday 30th June.  Please keep it in your bag or, if you bring it before Wednesday, put it in your tray.


Remember to wear your P.E. kit to school on Monday and Wednesday.  Netballers should also wear their P.E. on Tuesday

Thank you everyone.  Have a lovely weekend.