Hello everyone

Well done for another great week.  Maybe you could tell your family about the recovery position that we have been learning about today?


This is the start of a two week homework project.  This week we would like you to read lots of information about animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest.  When you have read about some animals, we would like you to choose one of your favourites.  Read all about it’s habitat, what layer of the rainforest it lives in, what it eats, who its predators are, how it looks, if the animal is endangered, its lifespan and any other interesting facts.

This week is a reading and finding out week.  It would be a good idea to jot down facts for your chosen animal but this will not be your final piece of work. Next week, we will give instructions for how to present your findings.


Here is the spelling PowerPoint that we looked at today.  You do not need to complete the activities because we have already done these.  It is there as a useful reminder.  Practice your spellings by writing them and then have a go at the games on Spelling Shed.

Have a lovely weekend.