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Summer Term 2 – Week 2

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope 6W had a great time in school last week. It was fab to see so many friends back again! It’s 6G’s turn to be back in school this week. As was the case last week, the tasks listed in this post will be the same tasks that the children in school will be accessing.

This week we will continue our topic on ‘coasts’ and will think some more about the story we read last week: The Giant’s Necklace.

For our wider curriculum activities, whilst at home, we ask that the children select activities that they wish to complete from the grid at the bottom of this letter. We will not specify a day for these activities. Please note that the Geography activities form part of a series of lessons that build over the course of the half term.



Task 1 – SPAG – We’re going to start the week recapping some spellings. Play this game and see if you can spot the correct spellings.

Task 2 – This week our English lessons are going to focus on writing a newspaper article about Cherry’s disappearance. To start with, let’s look at a newspaper report and try to identify the features of this type of writing. Read this article about a missing child and see if you can spot all the signs that show this is a newspaper report and not just a story.

Task 3 – Watch this video and play the game on the page to learn about the text features we want to include.

Task 4 – To help us prepare for our article, let’s think about the character of Cherry in more detail. Draw a picture of what you think she looks like. Surround your picture with words and phrases that describe her. We will be able to use these ideas in the article that we write later this week.


Please remember that the website we are using for maths are a week ahead of us. The link below will take you to week 7 of their lessons, but we are only on week 6. You will need to scroll down on the page and click on Week 6 to find the correct lessons.
This week is all about percentages. Today’s lesson focuses on converting fractions to percentages.

Learning Video     |     Worksheet      |      Lesson 1 Answers 

If you would like some more maths to do, click here for an optional extension activity.



Task 1 – SPaG – In today’s lesson we are going to practice using speech punctuation. Refresh your knowledge by watching this video

In our article we will include quotes from other characters such as Cherry’s parents, her brothers, the police or other witnesses who were at the beach. Today we are going to practice writing quotes by watching a teacher from another school (see Task 2 below). WARNING: This video is part of a series of lessons that we are not using and the teacher talks about things that you do not need to do. The start of the lesson talks about a spelling test – IGNORE this. We are not doing the spelling test. The video finishes with a task that you can ignore. You have a different task (Task 3 below). Start the video at 3min and stop it at 14min 30sec.

Task 2 – Here is the video.

Task 3 – We are going to practice creating quotes about The Giant’s Necklace story. Use this worksheet to have a go. The first one has been done for you to show you an example. The answers are at the end.

Task 4 – If you would like to watch a very short (and silly) recap of speech punctuation, watch this video.  


Summer Week 6 – Fractions, decimals and percentages.

Learning Video     |      Worksheet |      Lesson 2 Answers

If you would like some more maths to do, click here for an optional extension activity.



Task 1 – SPaG – It’s time for some more spellings practice. Click here for another spelling game.

Task 2 – Before we plan our article, let’s look at a very good example. Read this child’s work to see what you could achieve. (Sorry the quality of the image is so bad but hopefully you can still read it)

Task 3 – We need to think through each of the stages in our article, read this presentation to help you plan what you will write tomorrow. Write out a rough plan for each of the paragraphs in your report with bullet points that show what will you include at each stage.

Task 4 – Write the opening line of our article. Often, the first sentence or two of an article answers as many of the 5Ws as possible. See if you can write one sentence that tells the reader Who, What, Where and When this event is about.


Summer Week 6 – ordering fractions, decimals and percentages

Learning Video     |      Worksheet       |      Lesson 3 Answers

If you would like some more maths to do, click here for an optional extension activity.



Task 1 – SPaG – Before you start your piece of writing today, let’s recap speech punctuation one last time to make sure you’re ready to include it in your report. Have a go at this quiz. For each question, click on the correct answer.

Task 2 – Think about your learning so far this week, what features do we need to remember to include when we write our article today? Look at these success criteria and use them as a tick list today.

Task 3 Watch this video to help you prepare for writing today.

Task 4 – Start writing! Tomorrow we will write a neat version of our work to make it look like a real article. For today, we are writing a draft and so you don’t need to worry about using columns or including pictures – we’ll do all of that tomorrow.

WARNING: Try to make sure that you don’t slip into re-writing the story. This is not a narrative piece of writing, it is a formal report about the fact that Cherry is missing.


Summer Week 6 – Percentages of amounts

Learning Video       |      Worksheet        |        Lesson 4 Answers

If you would like some more maths to do, click here for an optional extension activity.



Task 1 – SPAG – Play this punctuation game in preparation for your writing today.

Task 2 – It’s time to write up your article neatly and carefully. If you have a printer, use this template for your final piece. If you do not have a printer, use the template as a guide and create the same look on a page of your own.

Task 3 – Add some pictures and captions to your article. You could use your drawing of Cherry from Monday or even use your skills from this week’s art lesson to add a picture of some cowrie shells!


It’s time for another Quick-Fire Friday! Use the websites below or you can complete the questions on this worksheet to practice your calculation skills.

Times Tables Rockstars

Hit the Button

Daily 10


Wider Curriculum

Subject Activity
Geography Coasts lesson 2

This lesson is all about the features of a coastline and the landforms that you can see at the coast. Read this booklet first.

Then complete task one of this document (matching the name of each features to the correct picture)./
You do NOT need to complete tasks 2 and 3

Art Seashell artwork

Use this presentation to learn about a seaside artist and create your own image of a seashell.

Computing Coding

This week we are going to code our own DANCE PARTY!

For each step watch the video and follow the steps. Then run your code to see if it worked. If you got it right, the next level will automatically pop up.

Click here to get started!

P.S.H.E. Being Me – Lesson 2

Today we’re going to think about ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ and compare how we feel to people elsewhere in the world. Click here for this week’s lesson.

Science Exercise, the heart and muscles.

This week, complete the next two sections of this website you looked at last week: ‘Types of exercise’ and ‘Test your knowledge: exercise’

Spanish Saying how you feel

Use this lesson from Oak National Academy to practice your Spanish skills.

P.E. As mentioned in previous weeks, it is important to do 60 mins of physical activity each day. This can take any form you wish, but Notts School Games Organisers are now publishing weekly PE ideas which we would like all the children to have a go at. The new plan for each week will be published on our school website at this link.  Click on the most recent link (at the bottom of the list).

Please choose the ideas that are relevant to your child’s age.