Spring 2 Week 1 Home Learning

Welcome back to another half term!  

We hope you have a fun time taking a break from school work and that you’re excited to jump into some new topics with us.  

After a week away from your desk, it is a good opportunity to make sure that you have your working area all set up and readySo make sure that you have all of your equipment in the right place – there is nothing more frustrating that settling into a piece of work only to realise that you are missing something important like a pen!  

This week you will be provided with some resources for our learning, including music logins and new books. If you do not have space in your exercise book and a new one has not been delivered yet, please use up space where you can (e.g. recording work on half used pages) or record your work on separate paper/electronically. We will also be organising a collection time to collect the art resources that were delivered last half term – we will let you know when this is.

Before 9:00 – Wake up, have breakfast, tidy your roombrush your teeth. 

9:00 – SPaG 

9:30 – Maths  

10:15 – Take a break and stretch using this video 

10:45 – English task  

11:30 – Reading your own book  

12:00 – Break for lunch  

1:00 – Time for more school work  



Mrs Toom’s Monday Assembly


SPaGThis week, we are going to take a break from reading activities and brush up on our SPaG knowledge instead. Each day we are going to join in with a lesson from Oak National Academy. You will not recognise the teachers, but you should still follow their instructions and complete the lesson just like you would for Mr Good or Miss Wroe. Here is the link for the first lesson. 


Writing Task 1: We are starting something completely different this half term. Watch Mr Good’s video to find out more.  

Today’s task is set on Teams as an assignment. After watching the video above, log into Teams to complete your slow writing task.  



This week we are carrying on our topic of perimeter, area and volume. Can you remember how to find the area of a shape? How do you find the area of a triangle? 

Today we are looking at the area of a parallelogram. Watch the video and complete the worksheet. 

Today’s video | Maths worksheet | Maths answers  Maths optional extra 



As we have finished our Geography work about Antarctica, Monday afternoons will now be all about our new Science topic: Evolution and Inheritance.  

Task 1Watch the first lesson here and follow the instructions.  

Task 2: Begin your homework task – creating a presentation about an animal and the ways it is adapted to its environment.  


Today we are going to start a new novel! Now that we have finished ‘Kick‘, it’s time  for something completely different, something that fits with our new English topic! Each day, we will read some more of our book. It is up to you and your parents when you do ‘story time’. You might like to listen first thing in the morning, or you might like to hear the story read to you before bed. It is completely up to you. Watch this video to find out what our new book is all about…



SPaG Task Yesterday a lot of people saw the answers to the spellings at the bottom of the screen. To turn off this setting, pressed the ‘CC’ button in the bottom right corner of the video and select ‘captions off’. Let’s carry on with our SPaG revision using this lesson. 


Writing Task 1: It’s time for some more spooky writing today as we continue our new topic: stories with tension. Watch this video and follow the instructions.  



We’re going to start looking at volume. What is volume? How is this different to area or perimeter? Where have you heard volume used before? 

Watch the video and complete the worksheet. 

Today’s video | Maths worksheet | Maths answers  Maths optional extra 



Time to get musical! This half term we are going to be learning a song using the website Charanga Yumu. In your home-delivered pack, you should have received a login for this. Go to https://nottinghamshire.charanga.com/yumu and use the login details mentioned on your letter. You will see you have an assignment on here – each week you will complete a different step on this assignment. 

Watch Miss W’s video to explore what to do. 


¡ Hola!  This half term Spanish will be on a Tuesday. 

As always, we are going to be using Language Angels for our Spanish. Login as instructed on your letter from your home-delivered pack using https://www.languageangels.com/homeschool/. If you have lost the login, please email year6@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk 

Once logged in, select ‘Unit 4: Los Verbos Regulares (Regular Verbs)’ from the ‘Super Challenge’ section. This is the unit we will be looking at this half term – throughout this unit we introduce all the pronouns and how these change verbs in Spanish. Pupils will learn that the verb can change quite a bit depending on who is doing the action. They will also learn that in Spanish, there are three different types of verb endings: -ER, -AR and -IR. By the end of this unit pupils should be able to conjugate regular verbs in Spanish. 

Today we will use lesson 1. In this lesson you will learn/revise in English what a pronoun is and will look at what these are in Spanish as well. There will be some simple listening and reading activities to help test and improve your knowledge of pronouns. 

Task 1: Use slides 1-9 to recap verbs and pronouns in English. 

Task 2: Use slides 10-22 to learn how to say pronouns in Spanish. Make sure you press the speaker to hear how they are pronounced.  

Task 3: On slide 23, re-listen to all of the pronouns on the slide. Can you think of any way you could remember the pronouns easily? Then use slide 24 to match up the English to the Spanish. Press the play button on slide 25 to then see the answers. 

Task 4: Choose the challenge of worksheet you would like and translate the pronouns shown. 

Optional challenge: Use slides 26-29 to carry on practicing your translations. 





What is going to happen to the baby? Who is the stranger that led the man Jack away? Before we read the next section of the book, first let’s have a quick recap on what has happened by watching this short video. 

Let’s read some more of our new book and find out what happens next. Watch this video to read the next installment. 



SPaG Task: Here is today’s grammar lesson. 

Writing Task: Not all spooky stories are set in a deep dark forest. Watch today’s video for a very different kind of tension-filled story.  



Today we are carrying on learning about volume. Watch the video and complete the worksheet. 

Today’s video | Maths worksheet | Maths answers  Maths optional extra 



It’s time to start a new art topic! Our focus this half term is on exploring different artistic media. We will be doing lots of drawing, rather than painting, so you will need your sketchbook, a pencil and a rubber only. Today’s lesson involves looking at form and proportion. Watch Miss W’s video to find out about today’s lesson.

Images to draw:


Last term we focused our learning on Sikhism and its traditions. This half term, we are going to study another major religion: Islam. 

Task 1 – Make a spider diagram with things you know about Islam and things you would like to find out.

Task 2 – Use this link to explore lesson number 1.


What will the graveyard decide? Will Mrs Owens be allowed to look after the child?

It’s time for part three of The Graveyard Book. Watch this video.



SPaG: Today we are going to continue our focus on prepositions with this lesson. 


WritingSo far we have seen two very different spooky stories – aren’t they cool! Are you feeling creeped out yet?! Today, we’re going to see yet another one as we build up our tension writing skills. Here is today’s video. 



We’re back with our final lesson on volume. Do you think you understand what volume is? Could you explain it to an alien that landed on our planet?! 

Watch the video and complete the worksheet. 

Today’s video  | Maths worksheet | Maths answers  Maths optional extra 



This week we are starting our new topic. We are going to be looking at power and control. Watch Miss W’s video and complete the task mentioned. 

In your home-delivered pack, you will have received a Wellbeing Challenge booklet. Each week, we will ask you complete a section of this booklet – do not complete it all in one go! 

  Today, take a look at page 3, ‘Wellbeing and resilience’. Resilience is really important – it means being able to recover quickly from difficult or tough situations. Try and fill in as many of the boxes as you can. Then, complete the reflections. How did you feel when you completed this task? How might this help you become more resilient? 

Optional extra: watch this video about resilience.  



If we were in school, we would be doing rugby. Our focus for today is on ball handling skills. Look at this document and have a go at the tasks mentioned. You may like to go to a park or large outdoor space for your PE each week. 

Optional extra: each week, have a look at this document and choose an activity you would like to complete. 


Today we are starting chapter two of The Graveyard Book. Let’s watch this video to find out what happens.




SPaG:  Let’s recap something we talked about just a few weeks ago: modal verbs. Here is the link to today’s SPaG session. 

Writing Next week we are going to be doing our first piece of tension-filled writing. Before that, let’s look at an awesome example in today’s lesson.


How confident do you feel with perimeter, area and volume? Have a go at completing our end of unit assessment to see how you’ve done. Then, input your answers into our Microsoft Forms quiz. Remember to read each question carefully on the quiz to see if you need to include units.

Maths worksheet  Optional maths extra 

Flashback Friday! As an optional extra, practice skills we have learnt this year by completing these questions. 



A new assignment has been set for you on EdShed. Log in to practice adding the suffix sion. You may like using these sheets to help you.  



Our focus for this half term is going to be touch typing. While learning from home, you may have done more typing than normal. Perhaps your typing speed has never been faster. The focus of our lessons over the coming weeks is going to be to increase the accuracy and speed of your typing by using the correct fingers for the different keys on the keyboard.  

Task 1: You can measure someone’s typing speed by seeing how many words they can type in one minute. Let’s start by assessing your current typing speed using this website.  Simply start typing the words it shows you and the clock will start counting down. When the clock runs out, you will see your typing speed.  

Task 2: Lots of people just use their index fingers to type, but it is much much faster if you can learn the proper technique. This feels awkward at fist, but I really want you to persevere and force yourself to follow the instructions, even if it feels slow to start with. Use this link to start learning the technique.  


Before you finish for the week, there is just one more part of our book to read. Watch this video to see what happens.

And finally

If you have any questions or have work to submit, please send an email to year6@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk 

Kind regards, 

The Year 6 Team