Home Learning Letter – Year 6

WB 30.11.20

Dear parents/carers,

Whilst learning from home, there will be a suggested timetable of activities for the children to complete each day. These are the activities that children would have completed if they were in school. We understand that learning from home looks different for each family, and so please use the timetable to suit your family. Please also encourage the children to keep active during this time – this may be by using ‘Just Dance’ videos or games in the house.

This post outlines work for Tuesday 1st December 2020. Further guidance for the week will be uploaded in due course. When completing tasks, children can either do so electronically (via Microsoft PowerPoint or Word) or by recording work in their homework books. If your child does not have their homework book, then separate sheets of paper or a notepad is not a problem. For feedback, please submit work by emailing head@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk.



Use the assignment on Microsoft Teams to access your guided reading task for today. For today’s task, you will need pages 126-127 from the scanned chapters in the resources section of the assignment, as well as chapter 18. Your work should automatically save, and so you can come back and finish the sheet each day.


This week our focus is creating a persuasive text. Our theme is going to be on gadgets. Using the this Talk for Writing document, look at pages 2-5. Read the model text on Page 4, and complete Activity 1 using this.


Yesterday we looked at calculating fractions of amounts. Today, we will be given the amount, but will need to calculate the whole. Watch the video for the explanation, and then complete this worksheet.

Video: https://vimeo.com/480708847

Answer sheet: Tuesday maths answers

If you would like more maths to do, click here for an optional extension activity.


In science, we have been exploring light. Today, we’re going to explore the size of shadows and the distance of shadows from a light source. Use this presentation and have a go at the activities mentioned.

If you have any questions or have work to submit, please send an email to head@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk.

Kind regards,

The Year 6 Team