We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has sent in pictures of their learning to year6@abbeyroadprimary.ck.uk . It has been lovely to see what you achieved last week. Please keep sending in pictures whenever you can.

Important notice

This week we will have another two assignments on Teams. It is very important that you complete these and turn them in so that we can give you feedback and check that you understand everything.

Remember, it is a very good idea to have a timetable and routine when it comes to  learning at home. Try to start work at the same time every day. Make sure you have all of your equipment ready so that you can focus once you sit down to work. When you are ready for the day, why not start with some more square breathing! If you find it helpful, come back and do it again tomorrow!



Reading: This week we are starting a new class novel! So far this year we have enjoyed some amazing books: ‘Letters From The Lighthouse’ and ‘The Nowhere Emporium’. Now it’s time for something completely different! Each day we will read some of the text and responded by answering questions – like we usually do in school. You might want to read this first thing in the morning as you start your day, or you might prefer to read it at night with a parent- either choice is fine.

All of the text that you need and all of the questions have been set on Microsoft Teams. Login each day to read and complete the task. Then turn in your assignment on Friday. If you cannot login to Teams or you cannot see the files you need, we will also post them below too.

All of this week’s reading text                 |             All of this week’s reading tasks

Writing Task 1: This week our English is going to link to our Antarctica topic and the story of Ernest Shackleton who explored icy, challenging environments. Watch this video and follow the instructions that it gives you. Your spider diagram needs to have a least five nouns on it. Each noun needs to have at least four descriptive ideas around it.

NOTE: Mr Good forgot to mention in the video that this list of descriptive ideas could be really useful when describing this week. Have a read through it and see if there are any ideas that you would like to magpie.

Writing Task 2: Look at all the ideas you have generated. Which are the best/most powerful? For each noun, do a star beside the description that you think you would like to remember to use in this week’s piece of writing.


This week we are carrying on with our focus on decimals. Today, we are going to look at multiplying a decimal by an integer.

Today’s video                   |             Worksheet        |             Answers            |             Optional Bonus Challenge!


Last week in school we started looking at our new Geography topic: Antarctica. We began researching and learning some facts about it and began looking at Ernest Shackleton too. Over the next few weeks we will continue this topic.

Today, use these slides to learn about what Antarctica is made of, as well as beginning to look at lines of latitude. You should have received a world map worksheet in your home-delivered pack last week. This will be your worksheet for today, and the slides will tell you when and what to label on your map. If you have lost your copy of the map, there is one you could print from here.



Mrs Toom has prepared a message for use this week. Click here to download her PowerPoint. Then click ‘slide show’ in the top menu bar and then click ‘from beginning’ to watch her assembly.


Reading Task 1: Having read the start of our story, we know that it is set in a city called Jakarta. Today’s reading task is all about this part of the world and what it is like. Login into Teams to complete the next stage of the assignment.

Reading Task 2: Don’t forget that you still need to read some of the book today. Read the section with the title ‘Tuesday’.

Writing: Today we are carrying on with the Dreadful Menace! Watch this video and follow the instructions that Mr Good gives you.


Each week we will cover a new spelling rule, just like we would in school. We will set you a new assignment on Spelling Shed that will appear each Monday morning and be available for the entire week. This week, the focus of your spellings is…. words that end in -sion. Even though we won’t have a spelling test, it is still important that you practice. Log on for 10 minutes each day this week – see if you can complete the game without any mistakes. You could even test yourself and send your teacher your score!


Today we are dividing decimals by integers.

Today’s video                    |             Worksheet          |             Answers              |             Optional Bonus Challenge!


Task 1: Last week we were introduced to the circulatory system. This week, we are going to dive in further and find out about some of the main organs involved. Read through this booklet and answer the questions as you go.

Task 2: Watch each of the videos on this page to find out as much as you can about the circulatory system.

Optional Bonus Challenge: If you are feeling confident, why not try to draw a picture of the heart like the one below. See if you can add all the correct labels too. (This will be very useful in a few weeks when we will be writing all about the heart in our English lessons!)



Reading Task 1: To carry on with the story, login to Teams and read Wednesday’s section of the text.

Reading Task 2: Today we’re going to find out more about the lives of the poor in the slums. This week’s task involves reading a non-fiction text and then answering questions about what you have read.

Writing: It’s time to take our descriptive ideas and skill even further. Watch today’s video and follow Mr Good’s instructions.


Today we are exploring using division to solve problems.

Today’s video                    |             Worksheet         |             Answers              |             Optional Bonus Challenge!


You should have received your sketchbook, a watercolour palette, paintbrush and wax crayon in your home-delivered pack last week. Each art lesson you will need your sketchbook, palette and paint brush, but you won’t need your wax crayon just yet. Store it somewhere safe until you are asked to use it. If you have your own paintbrushes or palette and would prefer to use those, keep your equipment from school in a safe place too until you are able to return it to us.

This week, we are exploring the history of watercolours and how adding water to watercolour pigments can vary the effect of the paint. Watch this video and complete the tasks mentioned.

IMPORTANT NOTE: NEXT WEEK we will need some different materials to paint on to see how watercolours act. Try and keep a small amount of paper, card or cardboard for next week if you can.


In R.E. this Half Term we are going to be investigating the different religions that people follow in the UK. We will learn about their different beliefs and discuss how we can respect other people, even when their beliefs are different from ours. To start, read this booklet and follow the instructions within it.



Reading: The teachers have looked at Teams and seen that some people have not been answering their reading questions on the assignment. This might be because you have printed the sheets and are writing on them – that is also fine but we would still like to see your work. Anything that is set on Teams is a task that we really want to see and so we ask that you send us pictures of your reading work before the end of the week. If you have had any trouble with the reading assignment then please let us know.

Also, remember that you can read the novel as your bedtime story with a parent. You don’t have to sit and read it by yourself if that’s too difficult. 

As usual, there is some reading to do today as well as a task to complete. We know you know the routine by now. Login to Teams to complete the next stage of your assignment.

Writing: Before we do our writing tomorrow, let’s take some time to plan our work so that it is cohesive and clear. Watch Mr Good’s next video and follow the instructions.


Log back into Spelling Shed and have another practice of this week’s words.


Today we are looking at decimals as fractions.

Today’s video                    |             Worksheet        |             Answers            |             Optional Bonus Challenge!


This week’s focus is on the steps and skills we will need to achieve the goals we planned last week. Use this booklet and complete the tasks mentioned. PSHE lessons often lend themselves to lots of discussion – if you are able to, discuss the questions shown in the PowerPoint with a family member.

Each Thursday, we are also going to post one of the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, as supplied to us by ©ELSA Support. Today, our focus is on connecting. Look at this slide  to see how you can connect with others and help your wellbeing.



Reading: It’s time for another chapter of Kick! Login to Teams and complete the task about the chapter you read yesterday. Then read Friday’s section of the text.

Writing: It is time to write! For our writing this week, we are going to work in Teams. Our hope is that you can type your work directly into the assignment that you have been set. If this is a problem in any way, then it is fine for you to handwrite your work and send us a picture either via e-mail or by inserting a picture into the Teams assignment.  You have a new assignment called The Dreadful Menace. Login to Teams and follow the instructions there.


Today we are converting fractions to decimals.

Today’s video                    |             Worksheet          |             Answers              |             Optional Bonus Challenge!

Flashback Friday! As an optional extra, practice skills we have learnt this year by completing these questions.


After doing a drawing of our Antarctica flag design last week, it is time to turn this into a digital design! If you are using a Windows computer, open Microsoft Paint and explore the tools it gives you. Can you draw your flag digitally?

If you are on a Mac, you will need to ask you parents to download Tux Paint (for free) so that you can paint.

If you are on an ipad, you will need to ask your parents to download a free painting app like ‘Drawing Pad’ or ‘Doodle Buddy’.


¡ Hola!

This week, we are going to be using Language Angels for our Spanish. Login as instructed on your letter from your home-delivered pack using https://www.languageangels.com/homeschool/. If you have lost the login, please email year6@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk.

Once logged in, select ‘Unit 3: El fin de semana (The weekend)’ from the ‘Super Challenge’ section. This is the unit we will be looking at this half term.

Today we will use lesson 1. In this lesson you will revise time expressed by the hour and be introduced to the concept of quarter to the hour, quarter past the hour and half past the hour. When you’re ready, click ‘Start Lesson’. You will have a PowerPoint on the left-hand side of your screen. Press the play button (the grey triangle) to play the animations, and the ‘next’ button to move onto the next slide. Any speaker symbols can be clicked on to listen to the vocabulary. Go through the PowerPoint up to and including slide 18. Then, choose a standard of worksheet from the selection on the right-hand side, depending on how confident you are. You do not need to print the worksheet – record your answers in your workbook if needed.

If you have any questions or have work to submit, please send an email to year6@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk.

Kind regards,

The Year 6 Team