Thanks again for all of your hard work last week. We have loved seeing pictures of your work – you’re doing brilliantly 😊 Please keep sending in pictures whenever you can. 

Remember it’s important to stay active. You might like joining in with Joe Wicks each day, or maybe you prefer going for a long walk outside. Whatever you do, it’s important to get moving and stay active to help our wellbeing. There are some ideas this week for keeping active on Thursday’s PSHE Wellbeing slide.

Try to keep to a similar routine each day – starting school at the same time. Routines help us feel calm and so do your best to stick to a daily timetable. You could use the one below if you want, or you could design your own.  

Before 9:00 – Wake up, have breakfast, tidy your room, have a look at the guided reading task 

9:00 – PE with Joe Wicks  

9:30 – Maths  

10:15 – Take a break  

10:45 – English task  

11:30 – Reading your own book  

12:00 – Break for lunch   

1:00 – Time for more school work  

2:00- Creative play or mindfulness (lego, colouring, craft, cooking, music, get some exercise) 

Important notice

This week we will have several assignments on Teams. It is very important that you complete these and turn them in so that we can give you feedback and check that you understand everything. We understand that Microsoft Teams does not work for everyone. If you do not complete these assignments on Teams, but record your work elsewhere, please send in your work to for feedback Whenever we set a Teams assignment, either turn in your work on Teams or send us a copy of your work separately. 

If you haven’t emailed us a piece of work yet, perhaps this week you could choose your favourite piece of work from this week and send it to us – we’d love to see it! 



ReadingThis week we carry on with Kick. As usual, the assignment is in Teams but hopefully this week it will be easier to type your answers because we’ve made some changes. Let us know if you have any problems.  

If you prefer to print off the worksheets and handwrite them, you can do that too. But don’t forget that you’ll need to send us your finished work by the end of the week.  

All of this week’s reading text         |             All of this week’s reading tasks

Writing Task 1: We are leaving The Dreadful Menace behind and moving on to something new.  Watch today’s video to find out more. 

Task 2: Complete this reading comprehension. Read the text and then answer the questions.

Task 3: Watch this video to find out more about who Shackleton was and what he was like. (I know the quality of the video isn’t great, but it has lots of interesting information in it) 

If you would like to do some optional extra research, watch this video about Shackleton.


Today we are carrying on converting fractions to decimals. Watch the video below and complete the worksheet. 

Today’s video | Maths worksheet | Maths answers  Optional Maths Extra 


This week we will continue our Antarctica topic. Watch the main video below, and complete the worksheet on Microsoft Teams. Please note: on the sheet, it should say ‘Daylight hours in Antarctica’, not the Arctic circle.

If you are unable to complete this task on Teams, please send us work completed if it is handwritten or completed in a different format. Send any work to 

Main video: 

Geography week 3 

Video’s mentioned by Miss Wroe: 

Video 1: 

Video 2: 

Video 3: Antarctic Twilight  

Click here for the Geography worksheet if you choose to complete the task separate to Teams (send a photo of your work instead).

Awesome Achievement in Year 6

Lastly, we’d like to say a HUGE congratulations to our Achievement Certificate winners! Well done to Evie in 6W and Thomas Ba in 6G, who both have shown determination, enthusiasm and hard work while learning at home. They have now received their certificates today 🙂 We can’t wait to see what next week brings!



Start your day off by listening to this message from Mrs Toom about inspiring people.


Reading TaskContinue your reading in the normal way: reading today’s section of the text and answering the questions for lesson 2. 

WritingIt’s time for another video. Click here for today’s English lesson. 

Optional extra: If you would like to read more about Shackleton’s crew and see more pictures of them, go to this page. 


A new assignment has been set for you on EdShed. Log in to practice words with silent letters.  


Today we are consolidating our knowledge of decimals before moving onto our next topic. Have a go at completing the end of block assessment, and watch Miss W’s video to go through the answers together. 

Maths video Tuesday | Worksheet | Answers Optional Maths Extra 


Task 1: Having looked at the major organs of the circulatory system last week, it is time to focus on blood! We going to find out what it is and what it does and even measure how fast it moves! Read this booklet and follow the instructions. 

Task 2: Now we need to record the results of your family’s heartrates. Once you have all of your results, fill in this form. It is important that you fill in the form for every member of your family. e.g. If you have three people in your house, then you need to submit the form three times – once for each of them. I will collect all of the results and share them with you next week.

Optional extra: This video tells you even more about what is in your blood! 



Reading Task: Carry on with your reading activities for this week.  

Writing Task 1It’s time to find out what happened to Shackleton on his voyage south. Would he gain the glory he so eagerly desired! Watch this video to find out! 

Writing Task 2Join Mr Good for our next English lesson this week.  


Today we are starting our new topic: percentages. Our first step is to understand percentages. Watch the video below and complete the worksheet. 

Today’s video | Worksheet | Answers  Optional extra questions 

Please note there is an error with today’s answer sheet – question 3 should be 53%. Sorry for any confusion.


This week we are going to carry on our exploration of watercolours. This time, we will be experimenting with the surface we use to paint our watercolours onto. You will need your watercolour palette, a paintbrush, water, a pencil and your sketchbook. You may have also collected various materials to test too from the last week. Then, watch the video below and complete the tasks mentioned. 

Click here for Wednesday Watercolours Lesson 2 

Drumroll please…… Next week we will be using our wax crayons! Finally! If you can, you might also like to bring a coloured pencil and a long/tall wax candle/birthday candle to the lesson too (wax that could be drawn with).


Can you tell someone’s religion by what they wear or how they look? Sometimes you can. Can you tell someone’s religion by the place of worship they attend? We are going to find out in today’s lesson. Read this booklet and follow the instructions.  



ReadingThings are heating up for Budi and Rochy! Time to read more of the story and answer our questions for today! 

WritingOh dear! The crew of the Endurance are in a pickle and Shackleton faces a dangerous decision. What should he do? Let’s think about it in today’s lesson.  

Optional extra: This website has an interactive map that allows you to click and read more about the voyage of The Endurance.


Today we are carrying on with our percentages topic, but this time looking at converting fractions to percentages. Watch the video below and complete the worksheet. 

Today’s video | Worksheet | Answers Optional extra questions 


We’re carrying on our theme of ‘Dreams & Goals’ but starting to think about a different focus. Watch the video below to go through the discussions. This week, we have a task on Teams to complete, which you will be told when to complete on the video. You can either watch the video on the Teams assignment, or watch it by clicking here. If you have trouble completing your Teams assignment, complete your work in your lined book. 

Each Thursday, we are also going to post one of the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, as supplied to us by ©ELSA Support. Today, our focus is on staying active. Look at this slide to see how you can stay active and help your wellbeing. 


Today, we’d like you to get active. You might use one of the PSHE wellbeing ideas, or have an idea of your own. If we were in school, we would be doing gymnastics. Each week, you may enjoy looking at this document and completing a task from it. Ignore the days on the tasks, complete whichever you like! 



ReadingIt’s time for some poetry in our reading lesson today! If you are working on Teams this week, your instructions and resources are there for you.  

If you are not working on Teams, then you will need this worksheet. On the sheet is a poem about child labour. After reading it, your job is to think of synonyms to fill the blanks. Note: Your poem does not need to rhyme, but your words need to have the same meaning as the words from the original poem.  

Writing: After reflecting on yesterday’s task, Mr Good wonders if perhaps it was too difficult to come up with a list of reasons on each side of the argument. If you found it tricky, you could use some of the ideas in the picture below. These will help you with out piece of writing next week.

Task 1: Next week we are going to write to ask for help with the tough decision that the crew of the Endurance face. Before we do, we are going to read an example text that will show us the features we will need to include next week. Watch this video and follow the instructions. This is the text Mr Good tells you to open.  


Today we are calculating equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages (FDP). Watch the video below and complete the worksheet. 

Today’s video | Worksheet | Answers  Optional Maths extra 

Flashback Friday! As an optional extra, practice skills we have learnt this year by completing these questions.


Having had a go at 2D computer-aided design, today we are going a step further! Watch this video  to find out more.  

  1. start by clicking this link to get to the website we are going to use.  
  2. Enter this class code:

    15E  JJ2  UI6  5Q3

  3. Then enter your nickname (watch Mr Good’s video above find out what your nickname is). 


¡ Hola!  

This week, we are going to be using Language Angels for our Spanish. Login as instructed on your letter from your home-delivered pack using If you have lost the login, please email 

Once logged in, select ‘Unit 3: El fin de semana (The weekend)’ from the ‘Super Challenge’ section. This is the unit we will be looking at this half term. 

Today we will use lesson 2. Start the lesson, and use the play arrow to go through the slides. Click on the speakerphones to hear the recordings. Initially, listen to the Spanish and try and guess what the translation in English might be (translations can then be checked below). Then, read the Spanish alongside the picture as you go through more slides. On slides 22-29, you have 2 options to choose between for the correct Spanish. On slides 39 and 40, you have noughts and crosses grids! If you can, play with a partner. To place your nought or cross, you must say the correct Spanish for the square. 

Then, to recap last week’s learninguse the time worksheets to try and match up the clocks with the correct time. You can print both sheets (written and picture snapcardsand create a snap game, or match them up by copying the clock and writing the phrase in your book. For support, there is a sheet saying ‘WITH DIGITS’, which has the digital time too. 


If you have any questions or have work to submit, please send an email to 

Kind regards, 

The Year 6 Team