Can you believe it – we are almost at the end of this half term!

2021 feels like it is flying by! This week we will be finishing off a lot of the topics we have been covering this half term. Hopefully it will feel like a rewarding week as we complete our work and tie up all the loose ends.

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to you for all your hard work this half term. We know it isn’t always easy to work from home and yet you have all done amazingly well! We have loved receiving messages from you and looking at all the incredible things you have created at home. Well done! You’ve made us very proud.

We also want to say a huge THANK YOU to the parents. We know how hard it is to manage the learning of your child, especially whilst also working from home yourself. Devices need to be shared, timetables need to be juggled and the internet doesn’t always play ball –  all whilst the teachers are asking for photos and e-mails and Teams assignments! It is challenging to say the least and we appreciate all of your hard work in supporting us as we try our best to deliver engaging and manageable learning opportunities for your children. Thank you.

This week, you are going to receive more Teams assignments than normal. This is because we are coming to the end of so many topics and your teachers would really like to see what you have achieved. Most of this week’s assignments will simply ask you to send us a picture of your work – they won’t be giving you extra work to do! As usual, if you do not complete the assignment in Teams, then please send us a picture

As it is the Half Term holiday next week, we wanted to give you some fun activities to do at home. At the end of this week, a new post will appear on the Year 6 page of the school website with a number of fun ideas for you to enjoy during your break from schoolwork.

Before 9:00 – Wake up, have breakfast, tidy your room, brush your teeth

9:00 – Reading assignment

9:30 – Maths

10:15 – Take a break and tell someone a joke!

10:45 – English task

11:30 – Reading your own book

12:00 – Break for lunch

1:00 – Time for more school work


Start the day by watching Mrs Toom’s assembly here:


ReadingYou need to do some reading before you do this task! Open the reading document and you will see what you need to read before this task and what you need to read after this task (before tomorrow’s task)

All of this week’s reading text            |            All of this week’s reading tasks

If you would enjoy reading the rest of the book during the half term holiday next week, you can download the pages here

Writing Task 1: After writing the introduction on Friday, it is time to continue our explanation text. Click here for today’s video.


Today we’re beginning to look at area. Watch the video below and complete the worksheet.

Today’s video                  |             Worksheet        |             Answers            |             Optional extra challenge!


This week we are looking at how Antarctica has changed and how it is still changing. You have a Teams assignment to complete, but if you cannot complete you might like to look at the questions here and complete them in your workbook. Then, send us a photo of your work. Here is Miss Wroe’s video.


In our science lesson tomorrow, we are going to be learning about what a healthy lifestyle is and why it is important. Even though your lesson is tomorrow, we want you to know that one of your tasks this week is to keep a diary of all the exercise you do each day.

It is recommended that you do an hour of exercise each day. At the end of the week, you will be able to add up the time you spent on each activity to see if you met this recommendation.



Reading Task: Continue your reading in the normal way: reading today’s section of the text and answering the questions for lesson 2.

Writing Task 1: Time for more writing! Today we will focus on the paragraph that explains the process of circulation and the journey that blood takes. Watch today’s video to find out more.


A new assignment has been set for you on EdShed. Log in to practice a set of challenge words. You may like using these sheets to help you.



Today we are looking at area and perimeter. Can you remember the difference between them? Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

Today’s video                   |           Worksheet         |             Answers           |            Optional extra challenge!


This is our final lesson about circulation! Today’s focus is all about staying healthy. Watch this video to find out more.

Task 1: Create a diary of all the exercise you do this week.

Task 2: Create a poster that show what a healthy lifestyle is and why it is important.

Task 3: If you login to Teams, you will see that we have made a short quiz to test your knowledge about the circulatory system. Log in now and have a go!



Reading Task: Carry on with your reading activities for this week.

Writing Task 1: We have now (hopefully) drafted all of the paragraphs for our explanation text. The time has arrived to begin the final product! Click here for today’s video to find more.


Today we are finding the area of triangles. This is the first of 3 sessions on this skill. Watch today’s video and complete the worksheet.

Today’s video                    |             Worksheet          |             Answers             |             Optional extra challenge!


It’s time to paint our final landscape painting! We’re going to use the paintings we studied last week as inspiration for our landscapes today. Try and include the different techniques that we have looked at over the last half term. Watch Miss W’s video to get some tips, and then happy painting!

We would like you to send a photo of your completed painting. Please take a photo and email us at


As we draw this topic to a close, we are going to compare different religions today.

Task 1: Read this presentation and follow the instructions.

Task 2: See if you can solve The Golden Rule Mystery



Reading: Start by carrying out the activity for today and then reading the next section of the text.

Writing: After you make sure you have finished all of the writing, it’s time to move on to adding images to your piece of work.  Watch today’s video to find out more!

Here is the image of the heart to help you draw. Alternatively, you could use Google to find a different image instead.



We’re back with another lesson on finding the area of a triangle. Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

Today’s video                    |             Worksheet         |             Answers           |             Optional extra challenge!


This week we are finishing our topic: Dreams and Goals. We’ve been looking at lots of different dreams and goals, for ourselves and for the world. Watch Miss W’s video to discuss this week’s theme before completing your Teams assignment. If you do not complete this assignment on Teams and write the answers in your workbook, please email us a photo of your work.

Oops – missing link! Here is the link mentioned in Miss W’s video: 

Each Thursday, we are also going to post one of the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, as supplied to us by ©ELSA Support. Today, our focus is about giving. Giving can make us feel a lot better mentally, as well as helping others. Look at this slide to see how you can give to others and support your wellbeing.


If we were in school, we would be doing gymnastics. Each week, you may enjoy looking at this document and completing a task from it. Ignore the days on the tasks, complete whichever you like!



Reading: It’s almost the end of another week. Log into Teams to complete today’s task.

Writing: It’s time for finishing touches!   Here is the link to today’s video.

You have a new Teams assignment today – to send us a picture of your finished work. Log in to Teams and open today’s assignment, then click on ‘add work’ and attach your photograph.


What’s that you say? MORE triangles? Yep! Our final session on finding the area of a triangle. We’d like you to record your learning in a different way today. Watch Miss W’s video first to find out how. Then, watch the maths video for the lesson.

Today’s video                   |             Worksheet          |                Optional extra challenge!

Flashback Friday! As an optional extra, practice skills we have learnt this year by completing these questions.


Hopefully you were able to look at your friends designs last week and leave them some feedback. Today’s task is to go look at the feedback you were given and respond to it. Read this booklet to before you start.



¡ Hola!

As always, we are going to be using Language Angels for our Spanish. Login as instructed on your letter from your home-delivered pack using If you have lost the login, please email

Once logged in, select ‘Unit 3: El fin de semana (The weekend)’ from the ‘Super Challenge’ section. This is the unit we will be looking at this half term.

Today we will use lesson 5. In this lesson you will recap your knowledge of how to say what you do at the weekend and at what time, but also learn how to give an opinion on what you do too.

Task 1: Use slides 1-16 to learn how to give an opinion on what you do at the weekend.

Task 2: Use slides 18-30 to recap the vocabulary to describe what you do on the weekend and what time.

Task 3: On slide 31, complete the listening task. Click on each person to hear their activity, the time they complete it and how they feel about it. Complete the grid. Once you have finished, check your answers on slide 32.

Optional challenge: Use slides 38-44 to write your own sentences about what you do on the weekend using the structure show on the slides.


If you have any questions or have work to submit, please send an email to

Kind regards,

The Year 6 Team