Parent Governors – Elected by the parent body

Kevin Renton – appointed 18.04.17

Kate Meakin – appointed 01.05.19

Laura Powell-Perry – appointed 01.05.19

Damian Bardouille – appointed 07.02.20

Natalie Drew – appointed 20.04.21

Co-opted Governors 

Tina Horton (staff)

Leona Scurr – appointed 19.06.19

Marci McLeod Brown (currently elected Vice-chair) – appointed 24.06.16

Lisa Spedding (currently elected Chair) – appointed 01.01.15

Angela Probert – appointed 22.06.21

Staff Governor – elected by the staff

Charlotte Lever

Alison Lovett

Ly Toom (Head Teacher)

None of the above have any financial or business interests; or any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff.