Foundation children have been on a busy mission this week to encourage the whole school to get involved with recycling old pens and felt-tips. We were very sad to see that so many pens and felt-tips were being thrown in the bin when they had run out – and we wanted to do something to change this!

We found a special recycling centre where old pens and felt-tips can be taken and recycled. We decided that we wanted to get everyone at Abbey Road involved.

We decorated special recycling boxes for every class…

Then we wrote letters to send home to all the families of Abbey Road, letting them know that they can also bring in old pens to be recycled.

We delivered our special boxes and letters to every class in the school and spoke to all the children about recycling their pens. We have also put a box in the office so that families can drop off old pens from home to be recycled, too.

What a super bunch of eco-warriors we have at Abbey Road! We really hope you will all help to support Foundation to make our planet a better place.

Next week, we will be learning about bees and why they are so important to people. One of our activities is to make a bee using a pebble. If you are out and about this weekend, please collect some pebbles that could be painted and send them in to school 🙂 thank you!

Have a fabulous weekend!