At Abbey Road we believe that children’s learning is strongly influenced by the home. Your interest and involvement in your child’s learning and education is more important than anything else in helping your child fulfil their potential.

During this current COVID-19 period, we know that children will be absent from school for a number of reasons. It may be that your child is unwell and displaying symptoms; it may be that your child is asked to self-isolate because another member of the household is symptomatic or it may be that your child is required to self-isolate because someone they have come into close contact with has tested positive for coronavirus.

If a child is unwell, we would not expect them to be undertaking school work while absent. However, if, for example, your child is self-isolating while awaiting test results for a sibling, the following links and activities can be accessed. All of the activities would support the learning that is taking place in school.

EYFS & Key Stage 1


All e-books are free of charge and follow the colour book band used in school. To access these parents can create a free account.

Nursery Rhymes


Follow the link below for inspiring texts and writing ideas that we hope will inspire you this half-term.

Year 1:
Year 2:


There are lots of free games on this website which link to the phonic teaching in school.

As a rough guide:

EYFS – Phase 1 and 2

Year 1 – Revision of phase 1 and 2 and phases 3, 4 and 5

Year 2 – Revision of all phases



Try out some early mathematical experiences by looking at patterns and doing some number work:

or you might want to look at numbers within 6:


Year 1

Last half term Year 1 covered numbers to 10. The children would benefit from recapping these skills during any time that they are isolating.

This half term (Autumn 2) we are looking at addition and subtraction within 10.

Year 2

Last half term, Year 2 covered Numbers to 100. Pupils would benefit from recapping these skills during any isolation period.

This half term we are working on Addition and Subtraction of 2 digit numbers.

Please use paper / whiteboards or chalk boards to record their answers as they work alongside the video.

All the children in KS1 have a log-in to the Numbots website which can be used to practice recall of number facts.

Topic Work

EYFS: Winter wonderland

To support and consolidate the work the children are doing in school please follow these links:

Year 1: Toys

History: How have toys changed?

Watch this interactive lesson:
Look at this video clip of different popular toys over 100 years:
Which is your favourite? Make a timeline of the toys.
Take this quiz about toys from the past:

Science: The seasons- Autumn

Watch this BBC clip and take the quiz:

Year 2: Wonder Women: The lives of significant individuals.

To support this topic use this link to research the lives of some significant scientists.
Look at this BBC site to explore the lives of other significant people. Choose your favourites and write a fact file about them:

Key Stage 2



Follow this link to find lessons related to your child’s spellings for this week. Details of weekly spellings should be in your child’s diary.


All e-books are free of charge and follow the colour book band used in school. To access these parents can create a free account.


Follow the links below for inspiring texts and writing ideas that we hope will inspire you while at home:

Year 3:
Year 4:
Year 5:
Year 6:


To practice your times tables follow this link:

For age appropriate Numeracy lessons that will complement and support those taught at school, please click on the following links:

Year 3:
Adding and Subtracting:
Multiplication and Division:
Year 4:
Adding and Subtracting:
Length and perimeter:
Multiplication and Division:
Year 5:
Multiplication and Division: and
Area and perimeter:
Year 6:
Fractions: and
Position and direction:

Topic work

For lessons related to our topics for this half term please follow these links:

Year 3 : Light up the past
Science: Light and shadows:
History: The Stone Age:
Year 4: Help our Habitats: Where would you prefer to live?
Science: Habitats and Classification:
For ideas on how you could investigate what lives in your garden watch:
To learn more about grouping living things watch: and
Geography: Habitats: A locality study.
To investigate the geography of England:
To learn more about latitude and longitude:
To learn about carrying out a local field work:
Year 5: Who dunnit?
Science: Properties and changes of materials: and
History : Crime and Punishment: Explore the changes in crime and punishment through time.
Click on this link to watch some videos and then write a diary entry for three of the eras:
Year 6: How did World War II impact people?
Science: Light:
Geography: What is life like in other European countries?
Create Top Trump cards for a variety of European cities using the facts in the lessons above and your
own research.

If a group or whole bubble of children is required to self-isolate as a result of a positive test at Abbey Road, class teachers will set a full timetable of home learning, which will commence from the first full day of absence from school. This will include online lessons and the expectation for pupils to submit their learning for feedback. See our Remote Learning Policy for further details:

Remote Learning Policy 2020

Homework Policy 2020

We recognise that children also need time to pursue their own interests and homework should never get in the way of or replace the many activities that children enjoy doing after school. We fully realise that we have some exceptionally busy children here at Abbey Road who gain so much from the varied activities they participate in.

Reading – Guidance for Parents


Reading Questions

Spelling – Guidance for Parents


Accessing Microsoft Teams

In the event of a lockdown or if any classes are required to isolate, we plan to use Microsoft Teams to set some homework tasks each week. The video below explains how to access Teams using your child’s personal login details and how to complete an assignment.