Tuesday 9th February

Finger gym

  • Decorate your dragon mask with any pens, collage, sequins, glitter or paint that you have at home. The masks will be arriving today if you are at home all week. Otherwise, draw your own and get creative.


  • Welcome to our screen free Abbey Road Foundation Bootcamp
  • Can you do 10 star jumps, 10 bunny hops, run on the spot, touch your toes 10 times, climb the ladder, touch your head 10 times, rub your tummy 10 times Phew! Get a drink of water and have a sit down.
  • Can you make up your own PE lesson and share it with us.

Phonic game

Write the letters h p e t n with chalk outside or on paper inside but not on a slippy surface!

Get your child to jump onto the letter sounds to make the words hen, pen, ten, net, pet


  • Using the picture instructions (Coming today if you are at home all week, otherwise you can do it when you are in school.) Can you make your own Chinese lantern decorations ready for Friday?
  • The second part of the art activity today is to design a dragon (out of junk box modelling) on the sheet provided – we will be using this sheet/plan to actually make the dragon on Thursday.
  • Send a photo of your plan to the email address –

Rainbows – danielle.roberts@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk

Sunshine’s – maria.simister@abbeyroadprimary.co.uk


  • Help your child learn how to prepare their lunch, use a washing machine or change their bedsheets.
  • Decorate and write your Chinese card that will be arriving today if you are not in school all week. Send it to a family member. If you are at school later in the week, you can make one then or design your own.

Family fun

  • Play a board game, do a jigsaw, read some books, or do some baking with a grown up.


Put your favourite music on and free style dance around the house.

Get all of your family to join in too.


  • Recap doubling 1,2,3,4,5 on fingers
  • Collect 3 leaves outside. Collect 3 more. How many have you got altogether?
  • Collect 9 sticks. If you found 9 more, how many would have altogether?
  • Collect different amount of natural objects outside and then get the same amount so that you have double. How many have you got altogether?