On Monday, we had a fabulous fun-filled Pirate Day! 🙂

We received a letter from Pesky Pirate Paulo. He told us he has stolen Boris and Monty and asked us to write him letters. Then he sent us a map and we followed a map to the allotment to find Boris and Monty!

We had lots of fun in the afternoon playing some pirate games!

On Tuesday, Pirate Paulo told us he was sorry for stealing Monty and Boris and asked us for a favour. He wondered if we could help him to sort his treasure. He told us he only wanted the treasure that sunk for his treasure chest so that he could hide it at the bottom of the sea. We predicted whether we thought the treasure would float or sink and then tested it out.

On Friday, Circle group had their first Forest School session. Triangle group did music with Mrs Pearson and Square group did technology with Miss Grice. We will do this every Friday and children will take part in all sessions in three week blocks (see Forest School letter).

Here are some photographs from the Forest School session.

Here are some more photos from our week…


So far we have learnt the sounds m a s d t i n 

Next week we will learn the sounds p g o