Before 9 am – wake up, have breakfast and get ready for the day!

9.00 am Guided Reading task – Microsoft Teams

9.30 am Break

9:45 PE with Mrs Turner

10:30 Take a break and cool down!

10:50  Maths

11:35  Read a book of choice/school reading book

11:55 am Lunchtime

1.00 pm Spanish

2.00 pm RE

Guided Reading

Use Microsoft Teams to complete the Friday section of your assignment.  Remember to press ‘turn in’ for it to be submitted for feedback.


Have a look at the PowerPoint on the link below. Mrs Turner talks you through our PE topic for Spring Term and there is also a YouTube clip below, demonstrating the warm-up, main activity and cool down for your PE session this week. Can YOU beat the teacher?!


Watch the video below:

The worksheets are below – please do not feel you have to print them out – simply look at them then write your answers on any paper you have at home. Let us know if you have any questions.

Friday sheet

Friday answers


This half term in our Spanish lessons we will be learning about our families. There will be a range of activities such as PowerPoints, worksheet activities, karaoke songs and interactive games that you can access to from the Language Angels website which is the scheme we follow at school.


Login details: 
Username:   AbbeyR1403

Password:    lahome

We are ‘intermediate level’ and Unit 3: La Familia.

This week we would like you to have a go at lesson 1. There is an interactive lesson to click through as well as an interactive game to play if you wish. If you have access to a printer you could even have a go at the matching cards game or maybe even write them out yourselves to play with a sibling or parent.

It would be great to hear how you get on with the Spanish, so please don’t hesitate to let us know! 🙂


Please watch the clip of Mrs Seagrave explaining today’s RE task.

Let’s end the week with a story….

We just want to say a really big well done for completing your first few days of remote learning. We are already so impressed with  your efforts, engagement and super work. You have all been working very hard, so make sure you use the weekend as a well-earned break. It’s a time to switch off and relax or spend some time doing the activities you enjoy.

Take care,

Miss Moore, Mrs Turner & Mrs Seagrave  🙂