Thursday 21st January

Finger gym and Understanding The World

  • Watch the video of Mrs Robert’s sorting the farm and jungle animals.

  • Sort jungle and farm animals with plastic animals if you have them, or

draw and sort them or print off the sheet below and sort.

  • Send a photo to the email address –

Rainbows –

Sunshines –

  • Watch the power point about Farm animals



  • Watch Mrs Robert’s handwriting video

  • Practice forming the letters l, i, j on your whiteboard.
  • See Read,Write,Inc rhyme books in book bags.

Literacy – Draw pictures for the beginning, middle and end of “The Little Red Hen”

  • Help your child think of three pictures they can draw for the beginning, middle and end of the story. They can draw these in their workbook.
  • The beginning could be the little red hen planting the seed, the middle could be the little red hen making the bread and the end could be the little red hen eating the bread and the other animals looking sad.

Weekly dance


  • Warm up
  • Write numerals 7 and 8 on your whiteboard or in your notebook, following the rhymes on the sheet provided.
  • Make a recipe up with different objects pens, toys, bricks etc.
  • Give your child a bowl and a spoon and say put in 4 pens and 5 bricks. Give it a mix. How many objects have you got altogether? Repeat with different numbers up to 10.
  • Get them to say the number sentence. If they write a number sentence , get them to read it back and write it also in the reverse as Mrs Robert’s showed you on the video.

Dan sentence

  • Watch Mrs Simister’s Dan video –
  • No need for the children to write the sentence yet. Get your child to repeat the sentence to help them get it in their brains and write the words modelled.

Click the link below to download the pictures to either print or talk about with your child.

Animal pictures