Monday 18th January

Finger gym

  • Write the tricky words ‘we’, ‘me’ and ‘be’ on a piece of paper or in your child’s notebook for them to practice writing – use different coloured pens to make it fun!

Could write them in flour, fingerpaint, salt etc to keep practicing.

Dough Disco

  • Get your pot of dough ready and follow Mrs Simister’s video –


Literacy – Reading

Join the Oxford Reading Owls  – it is so good and has all the school reading books for you to read.

Our book this week is The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff, Mrs Simister’s will be reading it to you tomorrow but you could listen to it on youtube today if you like

Weekly dance

Beep Beep I’m A Sheep


Extended learning for maths


Feeling inspired by Jackson Pollock – lets get creative using marbles or cars to make a splattery paint picture. See the pictures below for guidance.

Grass seed experiment

  • Today we will start a grass seed experiment (The grass seed will be delivered with your new books Monday morning). You will need two plastic cups or plant pots or anything that you are happy for your child to grow their grass seed in, soil from outside or cotton wool and a tiny bit of water.
  • Talk to your child about what plants need to be able to grow (sunlight, water)
  • Fill two of the pots with your soil or cotton wool and sprinkle your grass seed in both.
  • Give the pots a little water.
  • Place one pot in a dark cupboard and one in sunlight (not direct)
  • Keep checking over the days to see what happens