Good morning everyone,

Well we’ve all made it to the end of another week, so we wish you a…

It was great to see you all in the Teams meeting yesterday. Remember that in order to get the “gallery” option you need to be using the App rather than the web based teams. You can download the App for free.

Remember to keep as active as you can,  what are your plans for this weekend? It could be an opportunity to beat your pb in running, jumping or throwing – although please be mindful of what you are throwing and where.

There’s a Teams assignment due in for Literacy this morning – so remember to try and submit your work through your Teams account – don’t forget to press “Turn in”. 

A quick reminder for those of you who are behind with your assignments – it is never too late and we will always give you feedback.

We’ve pasted a quick reminder of your daily routine here to help you keep track of what you should do next.

After watching your morning greeting, with Mrs Avery

click on the link below to continue with your Guided Reading:


Warm-up: Keep practising your spellings. This week: Week 4: adding the suffix “-ation”. Remember to give yourself a test and email the results to us at

Main task: Your activity today is to create and design a dialogue poster. Log in to your Teams account to see Mr Marshall’s video, read the instructions and submit a photo of your work.

If you’re having difficulty with Teams, watch the video below, create your poster and email a photo of your work by emailing it to us at:



Warm-up: Keep practising your times-tables. Remember to use the sheets on yesterday’s post if you want to practice a specific times-table.

Give yourself a test and let us know how you got on.

Main task: Today we’ll continue our work on Multiplication and Division with Mrs Avery. Today we’ll be looking at a more formal method of representing our written multiplications. Remember to use the factor chart to help you with your times-tables.

Watch the video:

Answer the questions: Written multiplication: 2 digits by 1 digit worksheet

Check the answers: Written multiplication 2 digits by 1 digit answers

Geography: Water: Will I ever see that glass of water again?

Today we’re going to begin our second Geography topic for this year. You’ll notice the title is related to what we have been talking about in Science. The subjects are closer than you think. We’ll recap our science knowledge from earlier in the week and add some geographical terms to our water cycles and there’s some fun investigations and discussions for you to share with your families.

Follow the instructions in the PDF:

Geography Water Lesson 1 input

For Task 1, you can download a diagram with a word bank to label here or use your own diagram from science earlier in the week.

Geography task 1

That’s it, you’ve made it to the end of Happy Friday. We hope you have had a great week and will have a super weekend.

On Monday we will be sculpting with foil! It might be an idea to add some foil to your shopping basket at the weekend.

See you all bright and early on Monday morning for our start of the week Teams meeting.