Year 3 Remote Learning Friday 29th January 2021

HAPPY FRIDAY YEAR 3! 🙂 We are so pleased with all the work you have completed so far this week. Thank you all so much for the Teams responses and e-mails containing your work and a BIG well done for trying your best in everything you have completed.

Here’s the proposed timetable for today:

Before 9 am – wake up, have breakfast and get ready for the day!

9.00 am Guided Reading task – Microsoft Teams

9.30 am Break

9:45 am PE

10:30 am Take a break and cool down!

10:50 am Maths

11:35 am Read a book of choice/school reading book

11:55 am Lunchtime

1.00 pm Spanish

2.00 pm RE

3.00pm Story time

We never want to add to your workload and setting extra homework is not something we want to do at this time. However, as an optional extra this weekend, it might be nice to join in with RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, where you spend an hour inside counting how many birds land in your garden and note down the types of birds seen.  Visit or use the attached sheet!  There is no obligation to do it, but might be something nice to do as a family over the lockdown weekend!


Guided Reading

Use Microsoft Teams to complete the Friday section of your assignment.  Remember to press ‘turn in’ for it to be submitted for feedback. In today’s task you are asked to draw and label a picture. You can either do that on paper and submit a photo of your drawing or draw straight onto the TEAMS document, instructions are included next to today’s questions. Just e-mail if you  require any further support with this :).


Join Miss Moore for today’s warm-up, main activity and cool-down activities. You will need a coin to help you with today’s warm-up. It is the final week of our long-distance running so try your very best to beat your record whether that be distance or time! We would love to see/hear how you all get on so please feel free to e-mail us at year3@abbeyroadprimary with any updates. Enjoy 🙂


Today we look at dividing again – but sometimes when we share into groups there are some left over.  These are called remainders.  The worksheet below doesn’t need to be printed out.  Look at the calculations then try and solve them by drawing and showing how you worked it out.  Ask an adult to check your answers!


This week we have included the Translated Teacher Support Notes  for this lesson. These are available on the Teacher site but not on the Parent site – sorry about that! We will include them on our Friday web posts from now on. (Also, here are the lyrics in both Spanish and English  if your child would like to use these to follow along.) As always, if there is anything we can help with, please get in touch by emailing 🙂

Login details: 
Username:   AbbeyR1403

Password:    lahome

We are ‘intermediate level’ and Unit 4: La Familia.

In this lesson, you will recap the vocabulary taught the last lesson and will also learn how to count from 10 to 100.

Here is the worksheet you can either print or record your answers on paper and also the answers to mark your work:

Spanish week 4

Spanish answers


This week in RE, we will be learning about Abraham and Sarah. They both had to be brave and trust God. Watch and listen to their story here:

Once you have watched the above clip, have a look at Abraham’s cards. What do you think mattered most to Abraham? What do you think mattered at least? Use this Target-sheet to place the cards into the section that you think applies to the statement. (You do not have to print these 2 documents – you can draw the target sheet on a piece of paper if you would like, or even just discuss each card with somebody at home.)


Time to unwind with a good book:

You have all been working very hard, so make sure you use the weekend as a well-earned break. It’s a time to switch off and relax or spend some time doing the activities you enjoy. Keep smiling Year 3!

Take care,

Miss Moore, Mrs Seagrave & Mrs Turner  🙂

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