This week we have started our new topic, Traditional Tales. Our learning has been based around the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have heard different versions of the story and enjoyed acting it out. We have also done some writing based on what the characters might say.

In Maths, we have used scales to weigh porridge and work out heavy, light, balanced. We also learnt how to order three things by weight and sorted three of Baby Bears toys.

On Friday, we made our own porridge just like the Three Bears and added our own delicious toppings! We observed the change in the porridge from dry / uncooked and compared it to when it was ready. We watched the porridge boiling in the pan and looked out for bubbles and steam. In groups we talked about the healthy and unhealthy toppings. Everybody tried their porridge and most children ate it all up, just like Goldilocks!

Our Finger Gym jobs this week were:

  • Practising tricky words: I, my, the.
  • Making a Goldilocks or Three Bears head band,
  • Colouring a Goldilocks and the Three Bear picture,
  • Using tweezers to select Cheerios from a bowl of porridge oats,
  • Practising letter formation using water and cotton buds.

We had a very exciting surprise in our Play Garden after the Christmas break…a new climbing wall and den! We have been enjoying playing with our new equipment 🙂

Next week we will focus our learning on The Gingerbread Man.

We will also be visiting the library on Thursday – if you have not yet returned your child’s permission slip, please do so ASAP. Many thanks 🙂